Millet in hometown

Eating now is not too sticky small rice, clear soup oligosaccharide, feeling as good as the hometown of small rice.The millet burging of hometown is mellow and golden, there is not too much impurity, also can’t touch some yellow on the hand.The millet that is yellow on the hand is dyed. It is aged millet, which is smoked yellow by sulfur, or directly dyed. In fact, it cannot be eaten randomly.The millet of hometown is very pure, it is oneself kind, where can adulterate?The villagers planted the grain in the ground, before planting, must turn the land loose soft soft, can not ignore, make the land hard, that will reduce the harvest.If you have land and seed, you must water it.Keep the soil moist by watering it so that the millet will grow.When the corn is just growing, pay attention to maintenance, do not let children run in the field.Millet seedlings are not so hardy as wheat seedlings, nor so stout as corn seedlings.We run and play in a field full of wheat, but never dare to go wild in a field full of corn.Once, I ran around in my uncle’s millet field and was found by my uncle.Uncle ahead of the spade to chase me, scared me from the field oblique in the past, like a rabbit has been running to the village, uncle carrying a spade, legs and feet are not flexible, can not catch up, also give up.In the evening, my uncle came to the house and told my father about it.When I got home, my father sternly told me to break my legs if I wandered into the corn fields again.Millet is so precious?Perhaps, millet seedlings are not as strong as wheat seedlings.It’s gone in the winter and can only be harvested in the fall.Wheat plants can survive the winter, frozen black with frost and snow, but still can’t die.In autumn, the corn must be harvested and cut down, or else the stubble will turn yellow and dry up, and the corn will rot in the ground and must be carried home.When the ears of corn come out, they are green and cannot move.I once secretly picked a green ear of millet and rubbed it open. The millet inside was all flat and there was no millet at all.I picked millet ears in addition to curiosity, is to report my uncle chasing my enemy, while uncle can not see, I just picked.Pick also wasted, if long ripe at least have to hit a few millet.Millet ears like Wolf tail, curved, hairy, shaking in the valley, heavy, let people feel at ease.At least my uncle felt at ease. He turned three times a day, his hands behind his back, cigarette in his mouth.Dad is a little envious, say year also want to plant some millet.Uncle and aunt cut the ears of grain, put them in baskets, brought them home, rolled the stone wheel, rolled out some grain particles, and then used the rice milling machine to grind the grain into millet.The golden millet came out of the rice milling machine, still warm and warm, maybe the rice milling machine to the millet peeling time rub hot millet.Uncle gave our home half a bag of millet, niang immediately made small rice.Newly ground out of millet golden, cooked after sticky pot, pick with chopsticks, with sticky juice, eat to the stomach will be a hundred times energetic.New millet care, women in the month to eat small rice, three meals a day, it is best to eat the year new millet, but also add two eggs each meal, the body bones well, will not get the disease in the month.There are patients, also want to eat small rice.The small rice in the hospital is not good, basically is not sticky small rice, not as good as the millet in my hometown.People brought their own little rice and made the patients eat it whether they liked it or not.Father had planted half an acre of millet, which he meant he had never planted.Like my uncle, he watched all day in case we ran inside.When it was almost harvest time, there was a sudden heavy rain, which affected the grain filling.After the harvest, not much millet was laid.Dad seemed to be hit, so he said, “No, I can’t.Niang said, you are not eating millet life.Dad said, why not?I was also a soldier, used to be millet plus rifles…Mother said, you made it?Dad was silent.Mother said, “Let’s plant it for another year and see if we get a good harvest.”God can’t rain all the rain on our grain field, can he?Dad seems to have confidence, another year of planting, millet harvest.Our family all eat the millet, dad gave uncle home half a bag, uncle said nothing.Uncle bought a rice milling machine, rolling a kilo of rice to collect 15 cents.I carry a half bag of millet to mill rice, uncle, of course, do not money.I regret running in my uncle’s millet field, should not be so frivolous.Aunt gave birth to three fetuses of time, niang took a basket of eggs in the past, did not take millet, because his family is not short of millet.The villagers who ate the millet had bright eyes and worked hard. If they ate the corn porridge and urinated, they would have no strength for a while.If someone steamed millet and dried rice, someone is out of date.In my impression, millet can only be used for porridge, not for dry rice.I went to grandma’s house, grandma steamed a bowl of millet rice, and then put it into the boiling water, it became millet porridge, but that millet porridge is not sticky.Grandma made me eat half a bowl of millet steamed rice, and I felt greatly treated.Grandma often told me an old story, that is, a child came home from his grandma’s home carrying half a bag of millet on his back, and also stole a small weight from grandma’s home and hid it in his pocket.Road met thief, thief bully him small, will rob his half sack millet.He put the millet on the ground and let the thief carry it himself.The thief did not know it was a plan, bending over to carry millet, the child took out the weight from his pocket, according to the thief’s head is all of a sudden, hit and ran.Bleeding from a head wound, the thief had to put himself before the child.The boy told his family, who informed the authorities, who found the thief with the gashed head and brought him to justice.The lesson to me is that millet is very precious, thieves are concerned about;Don’t come home late, lest you meet the thief;To steal the weight from grandma’s house for self-defense.However, the weight in grandma’s house was hidden so tightly that I could not find it.Small rice became the staple food of native people, but later people did not plant millet, not too much trouble, but too much input, too little output, it is not as cheap as buying millet directly.As a result, the native people did not plant millet and began to buy millet.But, bought the old millet, or bought the hand on the yellow millet, also can only accept fate, who call them covet cheap?Up to now, the native people still do not grow millet, eat to buy, however, some people contract wasteland millet, with a lot of pesticides and fertilizers, but people can not see it, still buy to eat……When will we be able to see millet that is native to our hometown and does not need chemical fertilizers and pesticides?Perhaps, can only grow out of their own, rely on buying, seems to be unrealistic.

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