“Spring Festival grass-roots” Yan ‘an: gas investigation do not relax the Spring Festival gas is very safe

During the Spring Festival, in order to ensure the safety of the public’s gas, Yan ‘an Gas Co., Ltd. takes multiple measures simultaneously, civil air defense + technical defense, sweep away all kinds of hidden safety risks, to ensure a stable gas supply.In the scheduling center of Yan ‘an Gas Co., LTD., the reporter saw that the staff were conducting real-time monitoring of the natural gas pipe network and gate station through the network, and investigated various security risks in the process of natural gas transportation after data analysis.Bai Feng, deputy director of the dispatching Center of Yan ‘an Gas Co., LTD. : 24-hour operation scheduling duty, coordination of upstream gas sources, distribution of gas indicators, monitoring pipe network pressure.When abnormal data occurs, relevant emergency departments should be notified for emergency inspection to ensure smooth operation of the pipe network.At the same time, Yan ‘an Gas Co., Ltd. also sent several groups of line inspectors to carry out inspections on large gas users, catering enterprises and natural gas facilities and equipment in residential areas in urban areas, especially focusing on the aging of pipelines in old residential areas for more than ten years, so as to comprehensively prevent dead spots.LAN Jian, deputy chief engineer of Yan ‘an Gas Co., LTD., and head of the Department of Health and Environmental Protection, said: During the festival, it is strictly forbidden to fire guns around our facilities and equipment, valve rooms and valve Wells to avoid gas accidents.In addition, during the Spring Festival, yan ‘an Gas Co., Ltd. 24-hour service hotline, at any time to receive citizens and users of all kinds of appeals and responses;Emergency repair team is on standby 24 hours a day to deal with all kinds of gas-related problems;Business hall also work normally, convenient citizens to buy gas.Wang Xiaodong, deputy general manager of Yan ‘an Gas Co., LTD. : When the majority of natural gas users go out for a long time during the festival, they should remember to close the valve in front of the table, the valve in front of the stove and the valve of the gas device.Regular self check with soapy water, if bubbles are found, gas leakage, the first time to close the valve before the meter, open the window for ventilation.Yan ‘an Rong Media Center reporter Yang Liang Guo Ziyi

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