The national football team loses Japan again, 12 strong match 4 rounds 3 points, 7 rounds 5 points, the last 3 rounds can take a few points?

Beijing time On January 27, 18:00 PM, the World Cup Asian qualifiers 12 strong round of the seventh round of the contest, the Japanese team sit at home against The Chinese team, this game is the theoretical battle of the National football team, before the game there are still many people optimistic about the National football team can hit bottom rebound, manufacturing surprise.The first 10 minutes of the game were conservative and back-and-forth, but after Wang shanchao’s handball in the penalty area in the 12th minute was awarded to China, which Was also converted by Dayu Yong, the Chinese team began to fall into a completely passive state.At the end of the first half, China had only 25 percent possession and zero shots on goal.In the second half, after the substitution of National football Team, the game was slightly improved, Wei Shihao and others in front of the cooperation compared to the first half has improved, the ball control rate has also improved, Wei Shihao’s free kick even nearly scored, but the strength gap is still too big, The National football team is completely powerless.At present, after 7 rounds of matches, China’s points are still 5 points, compared with the first 4 games won 3 points, China’s last 3 games only 2 points, qualification is basically only a theoretical possibility.By 15 points in group 2, Japan in Australia 3 to 14 points in the team, the team’s if you want to catch up with Australia, unless after Australia lost all three games, the Chinese team win all, in addition to this, the team’s will in four games after 15 goal difference gap, averaging five goals, hard to move on.After the third round of the National football team’s opponents are Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and Oman, and the National football team in the first round of the contest is 3-2 in the stoppage time difficult to beat Vietnam, 3-2 lost to Saudi Arabia, 1-1 tie with Oman, so the last three games national football team basically belongs to the category of the war of honor.This World Cup qualifying road national football team can be said to have ended here, the road of naturalization is also a chicken feather, recall the national football team in the past year in the competition, and look at the future Of the National football Team Asian Cup and world preliminary tour, how many chances do we still have to enter the World Cup?When do you think China will be able to enter the World Cup?

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