To build a better living environment and create a beautiful spring scenery

In order to put the environmental protection work into practice, Zhaojun Road street held many special meetings to implement the renovation of human settlements environment, clearly conveyed the relevant instructions on the renovation of human settlements environment by the superior spirit, and made arrangements for the villages and communities to implement the next step.In the Qingming Festival holiday, to improve the living environment, create a better life for residents.A total of 176 workers, 17 sets of machinery and 16 vehicles were dispatched to clean up 53.5 tons +26 vehicles of household garbage, 20 tons of mulching straw, 26 tons +24 vehicles of construction waste, 569 small advertisements and more than 100 meters of wall along the street.Each community also carries out targeted garbage cleaning work for its own reality, wen Du community staff to clean up decoration garbage.Actively clearing ditches garbage camp kou home village beautify the living environment, clean up the waste, not only the better living environment, residents also make life more happiness, but at the same time, good living environment also need active maintenance of district residents, let us act together, to build good living environment and enjoy the comfortable life environment.

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