Zhengji Township, Yucheng County: Caring enterprises help epidemic prevention and control

The epidemic is ruthless, there is love in the world.Hu Jibox, chairman of Shangqiu Kangrun Breeding Co., LTD., donated 2 boxes of eggs, 1 goat, 20 boxes of barreled instant noodles, 20 boxes of mineral water and 10 pieces of ham sausages to zhengji township’s epidemic prevention and control headquarters on April 7 to help his hometown’s epidemic prevention and control work.”Grim situation of the current epidemic prevention and control, resistance to disease hard line workers, draft does not forget digging a well, I am a native of yucheng zheng ji fellow villager, but as a communist party member, paying attention to the epidemic situation at home and sympathised with the hometown people’s life safety, see a serious epidemic prevention and control situation home and hope to contribute little of their own power, and when they spend the difficulties, overcome the nut,I feel very proud to be able to give my love to everyone.”Hu Ji Box said affectionately in the donation.Zheng township townships LuoYongXin thanked the warm heart to compassion enterprise donation, he says, entrepreneurs’ hard working, don’t forget to return home, the contributions to the epidemic prevention and control of critical juncture, with practical action interpretation of the contemporary enterprise’s social responsibility and bear, passed anti “epidemic” of positive energy, the township government will carry on responsibility, expectations,With firm confidence and solid actions, we will resolutely win the containment and protracted war against the epidemic and ensure the safety and health of the people to the greatest extent possible.(Jiang Huashan, Liu Dong)

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