Safe and healthy New Year

Xue Yan, reporter of Gansu Daily, “Aunt Ma, how’s your health recently? How’s grandma’s health? How have you prepared the New Year goods at home?We brought you a pair of couplets. Please paste them on.”On the arrival of the Spring Festival, the reporter followed Zhang Yu, secretary of the Party Committee of railxi Village and Zhengxi Street community in Chengguan District of Lanzhou city, and several community cadres came to yunxiang community to visit 74-year-old resident Ma Airong and her 94-year-old mother.Ma’s house is clean and tidy, with “Fu” on the Windows and doors. Melon seeds, walnuts and various fruits are placed on the coffee table in the living room.”Meeting you is like meeting my own children.”Ma held Zhang yu’s hand with a big smile on her face and kept handing out snacks. “These children took good care of us during the epidemic last year. I want to give you a thumbs up!”When the COVID-19 epidemic hit Lanzhou in October last year, Yunxiang community became the first to be quarantined, and building 38, where the confirmed cases were found, became the focus of the city’s public attention. Elderly Ma Airong and her mother live in the building.”At that time, I was quite worried. I was also in poor health. It was very difficult to help my mother to go out.”When community officials learned about the situation, they helped us apply for home quarantine and delivered meals and vegetables every day,” Ma recalled.The temperature is dropping. The electric heater in my house is not working. I called the community leader and they immediately brought a new one.”Arrange residents to quarantine in hotels, organize people to take nucleic acid tests, cooperate with flow control, transport supplies in an emergency, and deal with various emergencies…For a month after the outbreak of the epidemic, community officials in Hexheng West Street have been working in tandem.”Although there are many clues and heavy tasks, the whole community is’ aligned ‘with the sinking Party cadres and puts the interests of the residents first.””The more difficult times are, the more the masses need care and warmth, and no one should be left behind,” Zhang said.Now, the community has passed the most difficult stage of prevention and control, and stepped into the track of normal prevention and control.”In the past two days, our community cadres went door to door to check and grasp the information of people returning from outside the province in the area, and do a good job of information registration of key groups.””We will do our best to carry out daily inspections and prevention work, and will not slacken our duty during the Spring Festival to consolidate the hard-won achievements of epidemic prevention and control,” Zhang said.Recently, the cadres of the urban customs management Department of lanzhou Housing Provident Fund Management Center, a community co-construction unit, visited the old Party members and poor families in Hexheng West Street community, and sent them New Year’s greetings.”An epidemic is a test, I thank the Party and the government for protecting the life and health of our people.”Lian Zhishun, a 90-year-old ex-soldier and party member, said, “My children are all living outside the province. This year, I advise them to celebrate the Spring Festival here, and a healthy family will be a happy reunion.”Every family decorated, yunxiang community to restore the past peace and harmony, community cadres and residents are closer to the heart.

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