Sun Haiyang is so funny!Live talk about sun Zhuo affection problem, shout 18 years old talk about what love

Sun Haiyang, before looking for Sun Zhuo that was looking for 14 years of time, in the process of looking for Sun Zhuo, actually Sun Haiyang also ever had the time of emotional collapse.At the beginning, Sun Haiyang had been divorced with his wife, thanks to Grandma Sun Zhuo is a sensible person, has been protecting their daughter-in-law.Later, the birth of Sun Hui made the family more happy.After 14 years of searching for the child, Sun Zhuo was finally found. At the beginning, sun Zhuo said to stay with the buyer to continue to live, and later returned to his biological parents, which could not be separated from the credit of Sun Zhuo’s physics teacher Wang’s mother.A good teacher really has a very important influence on a child, especially in high school, teachers are very important. Sun Zhuo has been back to Sun Haiyang couple for about two months now. I believe zhuo Zhuo is also slowly adapting to the life around his biological parents.Sun Haiyang often sent on the Internet is the latest situation of his youngest son Sun Hui, which is to let some netizens shout sun Haiyang, let each other can pay more attention to Sun Zhuo, don’t let Sun Zhuo feel that he is redundant.Sun Haiyang said that every child is the same in his heart, whether sun Yue or Sun Zhuo Sun Hui, it seems that Sun Haiyang can do the same.In a recent live broadcast, Sun Haiyang was asked about Sun Zhuo’s love problem, which sun Haiyang said at the age of 18 what love ah!Sun Zhuo, in fact, is 18 years old. He just celebrated his 18th birthday a few days ago. Fortunately, his 18th birthday is accompanied by his parents and many netizens send blessings to Zhuo Zhuo.To say that in high school, there are indeed some students choose to fall in love, there are also some from school uniforms to wedding, to say that Sun Haiyang is not willing to let Zhuozhuo fall in love so early, after all, will worry about falling in love with Zhuozhuo scattered energy.After seeing Sun’s comments, some netizens began to make fun of Sun. Sun looked like he was 19 when he was with his wife. Now some netizens said that you can’t fall in love at 18, but you can at 19.Sun Zhuo’s situation is very special. In addition, the most important thing in the student stage is to study. When I become excellent in the future, I still have the chance to meet the other half of whatever I want.On the appearance level of Sun Zhuo, long is very good, the sun Zhuo three siblings can be said to be perfect genetic sun Haiyang gene, sun mother is just like delivery.When Sun Zhuosan siblings laughed, their corners of the mouth turned up 45 degrees, which was exactly the same as Sun Haiyang!As for whether there is a lover in Sun Zhuo’s heart, this should be an unsolved problem. Do you think 18 years old is suitable for love?

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