The documentary prose “Art of poverty Alleviation in the Mountains” pays tribute to the extraordinary years of art poverty alleviation in Zhangzhou Art Museum

In April 2008, on a beautiful spring day, the grass grew and the birds flew, the volunteer team of “Art Poverty Alleviation Project” of Zhangzhou Art Museum set out with great righteousness and responsibility.In response to the initiative of “Fujian Art Poverty Alleviation Project”, we use the art resources of the museum to send art to those students who lack art education in poor mountainous areas, and “cultivate wisdom” in poverty alleviation first.Zhangzhou Art Museum has set up an art poverty alleviation base in Pengxi Primary School, Qiling Town, Pinghe County.Since then, the campus has been filled with singing, graceful dancing on the small stage, and the campus exhibition area has been pasted with paper-cuts and art works.The annual story King competition held by Fujian Art Museum has children from the countryside on the stage.The 14-year “Fujian Art Poverty Alleviation Project” has become the longest and far-reaching cultural project benefiting the people.The children of Pengxi Primary School in Pinghe County have cultivated their minds and promoted the improvement of their cultural classes by learning art.Many students learn skills that lead them to art schools, transforming their lives and breaking out of poverty.Pengxi Primary School, the art poverty alleviation base jointly developed by Zhangzhou Art Museum and Pinghe County Culture Center, was awarded as “Fujian Province Art Poverty Alleviation Demonstration Base”, and four teachers of the city art Museum were awarded as advanced individuals.How many years have passed, in all weathers, I remember the past of overcoming many difficulties and insisting on poverty alleviation through art…Today, we specially present teacher Li Fuping’s documentary prose “Art of Poverty Alleviation in the Mountains” to pay tribute to the extraordinary years of art poverty alleviation in Zhangzhou Art Museum……Spring in March, the warbler flies long grass, I wrapped a thick honey pomelo flowers, into the foot of the mountain this primary school – pinghe county riding ridge township Pengxi primary school.Rural children are curious. As soon as we sat down in the office, several small faces gathered at the window, revealing inquisitive and curious eyes.The companion next to me said: “Look, are looking at you”.Yeah!All the girls’ eyes were on me.I jokingly said: they are still young, looks like is one or two grade bar.When they get older, the admiration shifts and they become handsome.Through the glass Windows, the girls talked in an interminable whisper.I simply walked out, they pushed me, I squeezed you, to my side.At this time, a bold straight up to me, raised his face and asked: “Teacher, are you married?”Ha ha…I was overwhelmed, but a faint sense of joy swept over me.Looking at the eyes of pure expectation, I hesitated for a moment and teased her: “What do you think?””I saw the teacher get married.”The girl’s face is serious, the tone is affirmative.How do you know?I asked.”The teacher’s eyebrows curved, black, is painted”.Oh, oh, I admit it, I’m married, and my grandson is almost as tall as you.”How old is he?””He’s almost four.”After hearing this, the girl was satisfied, no longer questioned me, and ran away happily with her companion.Ten years ago, on a sunny day, with the mission of “poverty alleviation through art”, we got acquainted with this remote primary school in Pinghe County.From then on, zhangzhou Art Museum regularly appointed staff to come here, free of charge for the lack of art teachers for children, through trials and hardships, all the way, the seeds of art sown in the campus.Since then, the mountain wind echoed with the children’s happy songs, the playground side of the bulletin board, with the children’s own paintings, Children’s Day is coming, small stage, the children singing and dancing, singing “toward a beautiful tomorrow”…A few years later, the mountain village finally has children to enter the art college.The children laughed, the parents laughed, the teacher laughed.Pomelo township is beautiful in March. The mountain and countryside are filled with pomelo flowers and the fragrance of Qilan tea (Pengxi Village is the hometown of Qilan tea). Under the setting sun, the forest is all colored, clusters of white pomelo flowers are blooming happily, and the tea trees are green, extending to the foot of the mountain far and far away.With the eyes of the children, the promise: we will come again, will come again.Wave, dusk, we set foot on the way home.As I looked back, I saw an image in my mind: eight children lined up, facing us, heading home, raising their right hands in salute.Suddenly, a warm current surged up in my heart.The children’s songs echoed in the mountains.The copyright of this article belongs to the original author. If there is any source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address:

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