Day 14 of headline-copying and punching

Day 14 continue to copy Mr. Qian Zhongshu’s “Fortress Besieged”.Miss Bao hit her and said, “You, Su Dongbo’s sister, talented girl!””Little sister Su” is a nickname for miss Su from male students on the same boat.The word “Dongpo” sounded like the French word for “tomdeau” to Miss Pao in her Southern accent.Miss Su shared the lower berth with Miss Pao, which was much more convenient than Miss Pao, and she did not have to climb up and down every day.But these days she hated Miss Pao. She was in the way of everything, snoring so loudly that she couldn’t sleep, turning over so heavily that her top bunk seemed to be falling down. When she hit Miss Pao, she said: “Mrs. Sun, be reasonable.I know you like to sleep, so I never make a sound, so I don’t want to wake you.Due to busy work, I have no time to write micro headlines. Recently, I saw that everyone is copying books and punching cards, which I think is very meaningful.As long as I spend a little time every day, I can not only practice pen writing, but also copy and read good books that I don’t have time to read.And at the time of writing, can let oneself calm down, cultivate one’s morality.Copying books also makes friends.If you are interested in copying books and clocking in, please join us!#31 Word Practice plan

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