How much did you spend on what?

Recently, the latest data of 2021 Chinese game industry report shows that the actual sales revenue of mobile game market is 225.538 billion yuan, and the scale of mobile game users is as high as 656 million person-times, that is to say, the average income of Chinese mobile game players in 2021 is 344 yuan.After the data was released, many players cried out: “My salary is lagging behind, mobile gaming is lagging behind again!”In the general cognition of most players, playing the game with the computer is called the game, the game screen is high definition, the mouse and keyboard operation at the same time, it is a test of the player’s operation level.However, many buttons in mobile games are crowded together, and the game experience is not good, so it is not worth paying money at all. However, it is honest to say no to mobile games. The most important reason is that I have no time to play mobile games, so I can only play mobile games that can be carried with me at any time, and I can always find reasons for money in mobile games.Take king of Glory, the most popular mobile game, for example, with the highest revenue in 2021. Some of the hero skins have their own attribute bonus, and the price of a hero skin is between dozens and hundreds of yuan. Some can’t be bought directly, but need to be won by lottery, which tests the character of players, and many players even spend a lot of money.Clear price can let the money directly buy no money to stand, but the lottery even if there is no money also want to small, unknowingly trapped in, is a lot of mobile game developers to collect money means.In 2021, the revenue of mobile games has increased, but the number of popular mobile games in the whole industry has decreased. This is probably because the domestic prevention and control situation has done well. Unlike the year before, people are willing to stay at home, and they go out more frequently this year.In addition, the overall innovation degree of mobile games is not high, resulting in too much homogeneity, and the number and quality of popular mobile games are also decreasing. But even so, mobile games are still the main income source of the game industry.The average income of Mobile gamers in China is 344 yuan, but according to authoritative data, the average income of mobile gamers in the United States in 2021 is 137 dollars, which is more than twice that of China, mainly because of the large number of Chinese players.So are you spending money on mobile games in 2021?What did you buy?

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