Nanyang Liberation Square has changed greatly, baili Xi Park, Shenbo Park and other upcoming construction!

On April 6th, the information office of Nanyang Municipal Government held the first press conference of the second stage of the special campaign of “1050” in the downtown area of Nanyang city to clean the city and beautify their homes.Municipal Urban Management Bureau, Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning and other departments reported on urban construction, landscaping improvement and other work, and answered the questions of public concern.The meeting reported the construction situation of 10 big parks in central city: up to now, wancheng district has started construction of 3 big parks, among which Tianhongyuan park has been completed, li River park 86%, Hanwan City ruins park 91%.Wolong district has started construction on two large parks, 61% of which are clean Government Cultural Park and 20% of which are Zhang Zhongjing Cultural Park.Construction of two large parks has been started in the demonstration area, among which 74% of the transformation of nanyang city entrance belt park and 68% of the Chinese rose germplasm resource bank have been completed.In the second half of this year, construction will begin on three large parks, namely Shenbo Park, Bairixi Park and Botanical Garden.Through the measures such as inserting green in the gap, planting green in the open space and breaking hard planting green, we will build another 50 pocket parks, so that the public can enjoy more “green welfare” at home.CaWei other effective tahrir square on April 5, new look up to the next day at 8, 20 zhongjing street joint urban management department to concentrate manpower material resources, act quickly, strong attack, fighting for 12 hours overnight, the cumulative demolishing neo-treasure hill 7 tahrir square surrounding area a total of 15000 square meters, clean up illegal covers an area of 5 mu, the removal of construction waste more than 200 trains a total of more than 3000 square,More than 400 meters of dilapidated walls were cleaned up, and the site environment was suddenly enlightened and greatly improved, achieving tangible and obvious results.In order to ensure the scientific, orderly and efficient cleaning and demolition and comprehensive renovation, Zhongjing street organized more than 150 operation personnel, division of labor, standardized operation, to ensure the speed of action and safe and efficient.At the same time, organized a total of 14 demolition, cleaning, transportation and other large machinery, orderly approach, close cooperation, and led all the city management team members, divided guarding, responsibility to people, new problems and new situations at any time to take positive measures to solve in place.Source/nanyang zhongjing street agency network, wancheng editor/Yuan Xiao | the first-instance/ZhaiCan ayoyo Li Dong second trial/xing-yu zhou | final/week prime minister statement: this article, all peer originator if there are sources of errors or infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of you, you can through the E-mail contact us, we will be handled in a timely manner.Email address:

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