Are xu Zhengxi as the affectionate “crazy batch”, Yu Wenhu and Liang Yi have a clear difference

In fact, xu Zhengxi qiao Xin recently played the yan Yu Fu, but also updated.Can’t, this play in small xi’s view, the only problem is female qiao Xin.She says her lines so fiercely that she often loses control of her expression.And manners are not as good as supporting roles.I really suggest, Qiao Xin wants to do a good costume drama, find a etiquette teacher, learn to come back.As for the other problems, they are not serious.There is a plot, there is rhythm, the male protagonist is also handsome, I just follow the mood.Especially the male actor, really let me love.Although sometimes his behavior is not very intelligent.But it is this not smart, let him more than yu Wen protect a little advantage.The same behavior is more crazy affectionate man, Yu Wenhu with Liang Yi put together, the difference is really very obvious.A start malicious “lonely world” in the yu Wen protect is a malicious person, a bad background, that with means, and strive to climb the highest position.The woman he fell in love with was also a brute.For the prediction of dugu the world, you can marry others, you can calculate yu Wen protect.Yu Wenhu and Dugu Prajna’s affection, watching the audience very excited.Why? Because both of them are “crazy critics” and are straightforward.Prajna is hard on herself and hard on her children.Yu Wen protect this person, to who are ruthless, only in front of dugu Prajna defeated.Liang Yi is also quite crazy, the early days of the female special ruthless, act can be considered cruel.There is no so-called halo of men and women, in the face of Japanese for help, he can choose to ignore, can also be in the design of Japanese.If it were not for the female aura is strong, for a person would not carry down.And there’s nothing left to do.But later, he was crazy to protect the heroine.Anyway, she suffered in front of the number of SINS, he had to return back.In order to Japanese, take off his clothes and get whips, leng is hard to carry down.On this point, Yu Wenhu wins.Liang Yi just began how proud, later have to suffer.Two timely stop loss from yu Wenhu’s point of view, he is really stupid.Knowing what Prajna thought, she was so good to her.He could kill his own wife.Such deep feeling, very crazy, there was a moment, in fact, I hate him.If you say he’s nasty, he’s not.When I found out that I had a daughter with Prajna, I was so cautious.The character of Uwenho is tough, intelligent, and affectionate to Prajna.But he had one problem: he was stubborn and fell in love with the wrong person.Prajna was not the right match for him, but he could not see through it and stubbornly pursued her footsteps.If anyone else, he could have a happy and perfect life in this life.He crossed a path and caught himself in the crossfire.In Yan Yu Fu, Liang Yi once saved the heroine, but later in the plot, he mistook for the wrong person.The Japanese sister recognized as the little girl, to Japanese sister is very good.Fortunately, something was wrong early, otherwise the bloody accident would have gotten out of hand.Liang yi’s inability to recognize the heroine really shows that he is not very clever.It’s a clear sign. He can’t see it.But it’s this lack of intelligence that makes Liang’s character more down-to-earth.Liang Yi falls in love with Japanese, more because she is clever, is attracted by her own aura.The rescuer meme was just icing on the cake.Liang acts crazy because he is in a high position and has to.But aside from his career line, he was an ordinary man.There will be misunderstanding, there is noise, with Japanese feelings line, but also step by step a cycle.The most profound memory is that she once said, seeking calculated feelings is not feelings?There are so many innocent love at first sight, there are so many silly white sweet.Although the production of this play is small, but I admire the lines, people set shaping.There aren’t so many perfect people in relationships, and imperfect people are sometimes more perfect.Yu Wenhu is good, but Liang Yi is more realistic.What do you think?Is there anyone who likes the setting and lines of the leading role in Yan Yu Fu as much as I do?Welcome to comment.

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