Dalian home buyers attention!Talk about 2022 Dalian new house market three big conjecture

At the beginning of the New Year, everything looks new.Looking back on the new house market in Dalian in 2021, we can see both the enthusiasm of buyers for the market in the first half of the year and the decline of the market in the second half of the year, showing a situation of polarization.So how will dalian’s new home market change in 2022?Xiaobian bold to make three guesses, for you as a home reference.When Dahua, Vanke and Greentown have taken land in spring water, we can feel that spring water plate will become another emerging new house gathering area in Dalian.After a few months of gestation, I found that several new properties are released a unit price of 2.5W/ ping slogan.So when the price of sports New City is adjusted to more than 20,000 yuan at present, can the 2.5W/ ping spring water be accepted by everyone?The answer is very hard, very hard, very hard.First of all, As a public rental area in Dalian, Quanshui is also a large residential area with 200,000 people. People’s basic impression of the plate has been finalized, and it is not accepted in concept to try to become a high-end plate.Secondly, spring water travel mainly rely on light rail to CBD, combined with the location of the plate, the transportation cost is relatively large.As a suburban area, but also shout high unit price, it is really unacceptable.It is predicted that the demineralization rate of spring plate may not be so fast.So is it?We’ll see.In 2021, large-scale buildings such as 140 blocks of Youjindi and phase 4 of China Merchants Park will enter the market.In 2022, such buildings have not yet been found.The decrease of new houses and new land in the city is not friendly from the point of view of solving the problem of home buyers.Especially in the first half of 2022, there is a significant shortage of new projects in the city, and no matter it is Happy Bay or Jiuli Plate, it can not attract the interest of home buyers, the purchase wait-and-see mood is expected to further increase, the transaction volume is reduced.Donggang apartment continued hot sales data show that in 2021, Donggang segment rose again, becoming the sector with the largest transaction area of new homes in Dalian.There are two things behind this statistic.The first is buyers’ recognition of Donggang apartment products.With the rise of the overall housing price of Donggang, the advantages of low total house price of apartment products are shown. At the same time, it is relatively close to renmin Road CBD and has scarcity, which is more acceptable from the perspective of customers.Secondly, buyers gradually accept apartments, which is a new change, so the hot sales of Donggang apartments in 2022 is also worth looking forward to.Compared with the housing price rise in recent years, housing prices tend to be stable in recent years, and the concept of “housing is not speculation” is deeply rooted in people’s minds.Overall new home prices are expected to remain stable in 2022, giving buyers more control.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to real estate dream

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