Return spleen bolus to treat spleen deficiency moisture heavy?You might be using it wrong!The five effects of spleen pills, do not use wrong

Hello, everyone, I am Nie Li Hong doctor, we usually have a commonly used medicine called GUI PI bolus, many people think it is the treatment of spleen and stomach problems, as long as there is spleen deficiency, heavy moisture, stomach pain, diarrhea, are going to use it, but found that the effect is not very good.So what went wrong?You will find that the manual of GUI PI bolus reads “Supplementing qi and invigorating spleen, nourishing blood and calming nerves”, which seems to be different from our traditional impression of spleen and stomach medicine.Spleen-invigorating pills it is a special treatment, cases caused by deficiency of a variety of problems, blood and spleen series lead to all sorts of problems, it is not a special typical building up medicine medicine temper, you will find belong to lienal bolus inside it spleen of TCM is not many, but it is more used drugs raise blood, replenishing qi ingredients, sedative,Therefore, it is more suitable for deficiency of qi and blood caused by deficiency of heart and spleen, insomnia and many dreams, heart palpitations, dizziness and fatigue.Of course, it is also better for the spleen disharmony that we talk about in Traditional Chinese medicine, but if you have stomach pain, diarrhea or heavy moisture, then it is not so particularly appropriate.Now let’s take a look. Are you suitable for GUI PI bolus?Return spleen bolus to suit what kind of crowd after all?First of all what is the heart and spleen two empty?Heart and spleen two empty what it points to is heart and spleen two viscera appeared at the same time empty disease, that what reason, the commonest namely think about excessive.We will find that there are usually a lot of people he wants to think about things especially much, there are a lot of things to him to think about, as time goes by, first think about spleen injury, so it will lead to spleen deficiency, and the heart of god wisdom, so this kind of long-term thinking is particularly easy to damage the heart.Traditional Chinese medicine says that the spleen is hard because of the heart, which leads to the problem of deficiency of the heart and spleen.This is a very common reason.After occurrence heart and spleen two asthenia its typical expression is the occurrence of such problems as spleen asthenia already, appetite drops, abdominal distension, still have the problem of lazy inflammation of lack of power all over, little gas, in addition tongue is weak, and tongue still can have tooth mark.The second it will also appear like heart qi deficiency, blood deficiency such performance like palpitations, insomnia, many dreams, dizziness.That if you also have the words that is more inclined to the heart and spleen two deficiency, but it is, after all, a deficiency, so you can also have insomnia and dreams, but also find their temper sometimes irritable, easy to get angry, easy to halitosis, constipation.Heart and spleen deficiency, not only will lead to problems like insomnia and dreams, it will also lead to problems like deficiency of qi and blood, lack of energy, less gas and lazy speech, face is relatively poor, the tongue is weak.Female friends will also appear less menstruation, menstrual color is also light, and general squatting for a long time to stand up will appear dizziness such as some qi and blood deficiency.So in traditional Chinese medicine, the spleen is the biochemical source of qi and blood. If the spleen is deficient, the food we eat is not easy to turn into water and grain, so it cannot turn into qi and blood and nourish the viscera and tissues.Therefore, we say that qi and blood are relatively poor, so we should tonify qi and blood, not only to tonify qi and blood, but also to strengthen the spleen.The first, heart and spleen deficiency causes insomnia and dreams.Second, deficiency of qi and blood leads to deficiency of qi and blood.Third, deficiency of both heart and spleen leads to heart palpitations, palpitations and other psychotonic problems.The fourth, especially prone to dizziness.Fifth, good at regulating the problem of spleen blood.That’s what the instructions don’t show.Speak of TCM spleen has the function of the system of blood, that is to say, once but temper deficiency, it can’t general blood, blood can overflow of arteries and veins, so like this is often some chronic hemorrhage, for example, like passing blood, nose bleeding, bleeding gums, that is more of a female friend of menorrhagia like this category or menstrual extension,At the same time accompanied by white tongue coating thin pulse as a series of symptoms of spleen deficiency.Therefore, we should also pay attention to turtle skin soup in the treatment of spleen blood problems.So in general, what kind of people is GUI PI tang adapted to?Both deficient temper and lack of effort.It is the heart and spleen deficiency, deficiency of qi and blood, of course, sometimes it can also treat some chronic bleeding, belongs to the traditional Chinese medicine spleen deficiency spleen does not tong blood such bleeding.

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