Gushan Ci Words Volume 189

This is a small video published on the micro headlines of “Lonely Mountain Scattered landscape poem” of the preface to the “Five Laws: Other Friends” REMEMBER very, very long ago, there was a dream in my heart.This dream accompanied me to walk for a long time, like their own shadow, lingering.Time elongates, shadow like dream, also elongates.Time is shortened, the shadow of the dream, also shortened.Until one day, I saw the white clouds in the mountains.The dream of many years, suddenly woke up like, unexpectedly become a reality.Because the white cloud is very free, it does not belong to which country, which nation, which region, it only flies in its own sky.It comes and goes as it pleases.It is not troubled by anything, so it grows and rises and falls, and people call it cloud rising and cloud falling;That is why it has no trace, and people call it to live and die!Look at the white clouds. What can’t be overcome in life?The wind, is a villain, it goes everywhere.The white cloud said: don’t and the villain, it came, I go, it went, I come again, because the villain and who can not go;The sky is a big family, like the society, men and women, all kinds of, so don’t and society can not go, want to escape the society, you will not go, because you do not have their own sky;With your own sky, don’t get hard with yourself, as the environment to change yourself, called bending and stretching, so everything will be in the past;Fog or fog haze, they are all brothers and sisters and relatives, do not go with their relatives, because some kind of joint relationship, they will not let you in the past, so often mixed together, called confused;Don’t go with the past, the past is just a shadow, shadow will not leave traces, because it has passed, so said the past smoke;Don’t live with reality, lightning, thunderstorms are only temporary, because you have to go on, go on.Set storm: snow bath hongmei lock Xiao Han, Yushu crystal, bright moon sky as a mirror.Half roll bead curtain, overlooking according to the window, leng Yan shuzhi and.Light incense, thin appearance ying.The dimple is faintly recruiting.You beautiful.Just love girl, low eyebrow chant.In fact, many people, like floating clouds, pass over my sky, far away from my life, leaving no trace.But not you, you are the vast and warm sky, I am the cloud that never flies out of your sky.This is not a waste of one’s life.Be kind to the person who has been silently loving you, that does not want you to trouble, so forced a smile, deceive you that you have let go of the people;So let’s start with love and happiness!Do what you want and love what you want.The one who cares about you silently and never leaves is your love.Do wrong, do not have to regret, do not complain, if you still hesitate, if you still can not restrain thinking about her, if you still care about her every twinkle and smile, might as well give her a chance, also give yourself a possibility!No one is perfect.Do happy own, let life more beautiful, let others envy!Are you still there?I really want to do that piece of white clouds, flying in your sky forever……

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