How to choose vibration damping spring for mining vibrating screen?

Mining vibrating screen damping spring is a commonly used elastic original, used in all kinds of vibration equipment, with good stability, low noise, good vibration isolation effect, long service life and other advantages.Damping springs have compression springs, rubber springs, composite springs, air sac springs and so on.1, mining vibrating screen steel wire compression spring (compression spring) mining vibrating screen steel wire compression spring is under axial pressure spiral spring, it is used for the material cross-section is round, spring is generally equal pitch, there is a gap between the compression spring and the ring, when subjected to external load spring contraction deformation, storage deformation energy.2. Rubber spring is a kind of high polymer elastomer, which has the advantages of small self-generating heat, good resilience, stable mechanical properties, long service life and low cost.3, mining vibrating screen with composite spring composite spring is composed of metal spiral spring and rubber composite elastomer, set the advantages of metal spring and rubber spring in one, and overcome the disadvantages of both, shape and mechanical properties are stable, can withstand heavy load and large deformation, with good vibration isolation and noise reduction effect.The advantages of stable operation and short time over resonance zone.Especially suitable for mining.Large vibration equipment for metallurgy and coal industries.4, mining vibrating screen with rubber air spring is composed of cord layer, inner and outer rubber layer or steel ring after forming vulcanization to form a flexible body, the use of air filled compressibility to achieve elastic function of a rubber component.Commonly known as air spring, rubber air bag, air bag and so on.These kinds of springs are suitable for mining shaker, you can choose according to their actual situation.

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