A shares: Yili shares, Shandong gold and other 5 important announcements!

1. Yili Stock 600887:The 10th interim meeting of the Board of Directors of Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., LTD deliberated and approved the Company’s Request for Overseas Subsidiary’s Investment and Acquisition of Australian Excellent Dairy Co., LTD.The company has received the State Administration for Market Regulation’s decision not to carry out further Investigation in the Anti-monopoly Examination of Business Operators concentration.Transaction parties to complete the corresponding equity delivery.After the completion of the transaction, Hong Kong Golden Harbor Trading Holding Co., Ltd. holds 620,824,763 shares of Ausfine Dairy in total, accounting for 34.33% of the issued share capital of AusFine Dairy. The company will continue to pay attention to the progress of this transaction and timely fulfill the obligation of information disclosure.Ii. CSC Stock 002471:A wholly owned subsidiary of Jiangsu have obtained a certificate of utility model patent announcement Zhongchao Holding Co., ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jiangsu distance cable factory Co., Ltd., received the People’s Republic of China issued by the state intellectual property office of the “utility model patent certificate”, the utility model solves the existing new energy storage charge cable in large current charging cable temperature even overheating,It is easy to cause fire and other safety accidents;Reduce the weight of the cable and save the cost while ensuring the high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, vibration resistance and continuous and stable operation of the charging cable;It has good economy and practicability.In order to further optimize the asset structure of DUOFudo New Material Co., Ltd. and strengthen strategic cooperation with important customers, the company’s holding subsidiary duofuyang Fufu New Material Co., Ltd. introduces strategic investors through capital increase and share expansion.Enchem Co.,Ltd., a listed company in South Korea, agreed to subscribe the newly registered capital of Yangfu New Material for RMB 4,396,300 yuan at RMB 27,584,900 yuan as agreed in the agreement, and acquire 15% of the equity of Yangfu New Material after the capital increase, and the remaining RMB 23,140,600 yuan of capital increase shall be included in the capital reserve.The transaction is in line with the strategic development of the Company and the business development needs of the subsidiaries, and is in line with the long-term interests of the Company. It will not adversely affect the financial and operating conditions of the Company, and there is no damage to the interests of the Company and all shareholders.Upon completion of this transaction, the Company still has control over Yangfu New Materials, which will not result in any change in the scope of the company’s consolidated statements.Four, Shandong gold 600547:The cumulative gold yield of Xincheng Gold Mine under Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd. is 100.006 tons, following shandong Gold Mining (Linglong) Co., LTD., Shandong Gold Mining (Laizhou) Co., LTD. Jiaojia Gold mine, Shandong Gold Mining (Laizhou) Co., LTD. Sanshandao gold mine,It has become the fourth gold mine in Shandong province and the sixth gold mine in China with a total gold output of more than 100 tons.Five, Sun Paper 002078:A wholly owned subsidiary of by the announcement of the recognition of hi-tech enterprises Shandong Sun Paper Industry to be Stock Co., ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary chapter yanzhou day Paper Co., Ltd., Shandong Sun Paper Co., Ltd. Life were received in Shandong province science and technology department, financial department of Shandong province, the state administration of taxation in Shandong province “high-tech enterprise certificate” issued by the tax bureau Joint.According to relevant regulations, Tianzhang Paper and Sun Household Paper company can enjoy the national preferential tax policy on high-tech enterprises for three consecutive years since they were recognized as high-tech enterprises, that is, they pay corporate income tax at the rate of 15%.Shorting is also a kind of operation, and it is the most difficult one;A very big reason for losing money is that there are stocks all the time, empty warehouse is to look for a point, only to see a big opportunity to move, otherwise would rather give up!Short positions or a realm, it can even determine the success of your investment career!Dear, praise is the greatest encouragement to the author, please pay attention to Wenqutang with your good luck.I will share stock market knowledge every day, thank you!

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