Blockbuster!What is the second round of double first-class new disciplines?Analysis to the

The official announcement of the second round of “Double First-class” list is like a surprise landing, which also marks the new stage of high-quality development of “double First-class” construction, which is the leading and landmark project of China’s higher education power construction in the new era.147 “double first-class” universities and 433 construction disciplines have been selected, which fully reflects the idea of “double first-class” construction of China’s higher education, which is to serve the national strategic needs, fully reflect Chinese characteristics, and strive for the world first-class in an all-round way.After sorting out the construction achievements of 58 newly promoted world-class construction disciplines in the second round of the first construction cycle, the soft Science Department found that they fully embodied the construction concept of serving the national strategy and casting Chinese characteristics, and this round of promotion was deserved.Service national strategy of “the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, National Development and Reform Commission on deepening the world first-class university and the first-class discipline construction of several opinions” (hereinafter referred to as “opinions”), points out that double first-class construction to strengthen the construction of colleges and universities in the position and role of the national innovation system, to national thought, the anxious state of urgent, are required for my country,Forefront of world science and technology, economic area and the major national demand, geared to the needs of the people’s life and health “, the new subject for the second round of the construction of “double top” mostly take the science research and humanities and social science major awards, won the national major projects, built the national platform base, in the process of building first-class disciplines,It fully embodies the basic principle of serving the national strategy.Aiming at the frontiers of science and technology and key fields in the world, we will lay a solid foundation, strengthen application, and advance the discipline to the world’s top level in theory and application.Shanxi university physics discipline focused on the basic theory and application of quantum physics, established China’s first ultracold fermion experiment platform, responsible for “the research of quantum communication network based on the hybrid optical field”, “based on lattice ultracold quantum gas light quantum simulation”, “based on quantum simulation” of ultracold atomic gases such as focus on research and development plan,And won the second prize of national Natural Science award in 2020 for the project “Quantum Control Based on Ultra-cold Fermi Gas”, which is a model of building first-class discipline facing the frontier of science and technology in the world.Since its establishment, the mathematics discipline of Southern University of Science and Technology (SUST) has initially built an international first-class teaching team based on the high starting point and high-level platform of the university. It was approved as shenzhen National Center for Applied Mathematics in 2020, and is making rapid progress towards the frontiers of computing and Applied Mathematics, probability theory and financial mathematics.Competition between big countries is the competition of economic strength. The double First-class construction is the main battlefield of economy, focusing on international trade, international finance and other fields, providing solid talent and intellectual support for China’s economic and social development.Applied economics at fudan university to serve the national major strategic, policy research and consulting service, carried out in the central and local governments play an important role in decision-making, subject to undertake the project of “China’s participation in the degree of division of global value chain and the evolution trend, based on global input – output analysis” won the first prize in the humanities and social science in 2020, the Ministry of Education.In the context of the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry and its participation in the global high-end industry competition, the double first-class construction meets the major national needs, focusing on overcoming the “bottleneck” technology and breaking the industrial bottleneck.Donghua university materials science and engineering in close combination with the national strategy, national defense construction and social development needs to carry out scientific research, taking the “polyester fiber efficient preparation technology”, “oral tissue repair with nano hybrid material and its clinical application technology research”, such as the national key research and development plan, high-end materials research and development has made great contribution for our country.The fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee for people’s Life and Health for the first time put forward a new direction of scientific and technological innovation “facing people’s life and health”, and the new tasks in the new era also put forward new requirements for double first-class construction.How to prevent and resolve major epidemic and major public health risks and develop new medical technologies such as gene testing, regenerative medicine and cell therapy are also important contents of discipline construction.Guided by the goal of “world-class”, the clinical Medicine discipline of Zhejiang University has undertaken a number of “National Key RESEARCH and development programs” in the fields of microbiology, anti-tumor, stem cells, organ transplantation, reproduction and so on.In addition, the project of “Major Innovation and Technological Breakthrough in the Prevention and control system of Emerging infectious diseases represented by the prevention and control of human H7N9 Avian Influenza” won the 2017 National Science and Technology Progress Special Prize.According to the guideline, the construction should “take root in China, deepen connotation development, highlight advantages and characteristics, and actively explore the road of building socialist universities with Chinese characteristics”.Can be seen from the results, the double of the construction of the first-class discipline division has completely and subject setting corresponding to the domestic level, with foreign institutions subject classification complete decoupling, no longer refer to “engineering”, “machinery and aerospace and manufacturing engineering” and the subject name, show the world first-class discipline construction with Chinese perspective of confidence.The disciplines selected for the second round of double First-class construction are also in line with the results of the fourth round of discipline assessment conducted by the Ministry of Education in 2017, in which 36% of disciplines were awarded A+ in the fourth round of discipline assessment, 74% of disciplines were in the A category, and 89% of disciplines were above B+.Building world-class universities and disciplines is by no means a matter that can be accomplished overnight. It is essential for the construction and reform of “double First-class” universities to follow the rules and achieve lasting results.In the process of building the world-class university in China, as long as we are to “maintain qingshan not relax” resilience, following the innovation of talent cultivation, discipline construction, scientific research development inherent law education, deepen the reform, construction of meditation, believe after several cycles of construction of “double top”, will appear many of the world’s top universities, a group of world first-class universities and many world class discipline,China will certainly stand out among the world’s higher education powers!With the official announcement of the second round of “Double First-class” list, Chinese universities have officially entered a new chapter of the development of “discipline is king”.The discipline development level data monitoring platform is providing dynamic monitoring services for the construction of first-class disciplines for hundreds of first-class colleges and universities, helping Chinese colleges and universities forge ahead and achieve more brilliant achievements with the development vision of building world-class and powerful disciplines with Chinese characteristics.

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