From Peasant Painting to Peasant Painting Embroidery Rizhao Peasant Painting: “Walk” down from the wall

Are “rustic” farmer paintings out of date?The fire was burning in the stove and the pot was boiling.In front of the stove, grandpa is adding wood, smiling at his grandson to lift his head and put a curtain of dumplings into the pot.One side of grandma, one hand holding the lid, one hand with a shovel to gently push the dumplings in the pot.The whole painting, full composition, colorful, exaggerated modeling, full of strong local flavor and humanistic feelings.This is “Hope”, a farmer painting created by Zhao Jie, a post-90s farmer painter in Rizhao city.Rizhao farmers’ painting began in the 1950s and 1960s. Rizhao is one of the first three farmers’ painting towns named by the Ministry of Culture of The People’s Republic of China, as famous as Jinshan in Shanghai and Huxian in Shaanxi.”Full composition, bright colors and exaggerated modeling” are the characteristics of Rizhao farmer paintings.However, such a style of Rizhao farmers painting, but once not recognized by today’s market.”Old peasant artists have worked hard for ten days to produce a picture, and each picture costs only 80 yuan.They can hang their works in cultural museums, but they cannot make a living by painting peasant paintings.Zhao Jiale, member of the Chinese Folk Arts and crafts Committee and zhao Jie’s father, sighed deeply for the old peasant painters.More peasant paintings, lying in the dust in the cupboard.”Hanging in the house is a bit ‘rustic’ and doesn’t go well with modern decor.”Once, Zhao Jie gave her classmates a farmer’s painting, and the students told her frankly.”Folk art must keep pace with The Times. Without evolution, there will be no inheritance.””If Rizhao farmer paintings don’t come down from the wall, they won’t even have a chance to go up the wall!”Zhao Jiale appreciate all the more to rizhao farmers painting, painting style, to farmer paints so that sunlight and comes at a time when their own embroidery business into the transition of management, then, in 2009, Zhao Jiale wondering “wall”, break the barriers between rizhao farmer paints and rizhao embroidery, moving a farmer paints on paper in the form of embroidery on cotton and silk fabrics,Realize the fusion of two kinds of folk craft.”Moving a picture from paper to cloth” is far from simple.Farmers painting itself is full, moving to the cloth to consider how to use the least stitch to make the painting embroidery saturation;Cloth is elastic, hook in the process of tension uneven easy to run off, if there is a little dislocation, the face of the figure may be deformed;Some elements may be contrary to traditional folk customs. Therefore, it is necessary to consider how to adjust the color and form of peasant painting embroidery on the basis of retaining the essence of Rizhao peasant painting, so as to form a new product with high integration of practicality and aesthetics.The successful birth and development of a new handicraft category, in a sense, it can be said that farmers’ painting embroidery chose Zhao Jiale.Zhao Jiale, who was engaged in embroidery export and other work in her early years, graduated from the Weaving and embroidery Department of Shandong Academy of Arts and Crafts and received professional training in Traditional Chinese painting. She can be regarded as “able to embroider, draw and understand the market”. When “crossing the river by feeling the stones”, she can feel the “stones” more easily than others.In more than 60, ten thousand yuan, did not know how many samples after failure, in 2010, a practical and aesthetic integration of new products, rizhao farmer paints embroidered in zhao musician was born – brush is embroider line, pillow, table cloth, coasters, mobile phone bag into the canvas, the verve of rizhao farmer paints in traditional embroidery,Realized the perfect docking of practical value and artistic value, has its own simple and true beauty.”Beautiful, practical, convenient to carry, and with strong regional cultural characteristics”, Rizhao farmers’ painting embroidery, once launched, its value as a representative of local culture has been greatly enlarged, and it is quickly favored by tourists as a local characteristic tourism purchase item in Rizhao.Rizhao farmers’ painting embroidery with strong regional cultural characteristics has been listed as a foreign gift by shandong Provincial government, and has been exhibited in the United States, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other places.”Many people told me that they didn’t expect the farmer’s painting to become fashionable after adding the word ’embroidery’ to it!”Chao said.”Painting embroidery +” added more farmer’s painting embroidery that could integrate the verve of Rizhao farmer’s painting into embroidery, which not only changed the use of Rizhao farmer’s painting, but also realized the transformation of material, and also changed the communication channel of art form.However, in Zhao Jiale’s opinion, peasant painting embroidery is a “creative transformation” of peasant painting, but it is not a substitute of peasant painting, but a derivative.”What is advanced culture?Original culture is advanced culture, the origin of all cultures is in the countryside.Compared with sentimental Traditional Chinese painting, farmer painting, which records folk culture, production development and major changes, has more special value and significance.But having culture and connotation does not mean there will be a market.”Jiale Zhao believes that, as a derivative of farmers’ painting embroidery, an important value is to replace farmers’ painting into the market, and in a certain sense, let Rizhao farmers’ painting get “revival”.”Many old peasant artists can only make a living by selling their paintings, and the income is very low.Farmers’ painting embroidery, which is used as tourist goods and daily necessities, needs mass production and a large number of original farmers’ paintings are needed.In this way, we can buy the rights of peasant artists, both increasing their income and increasing the visibility and visibility of their paintings through painting and embroidery.”Farmer painting is a product of its time, but Zhao jiale is not worried about the depletion of materials for rizhao’s farmer painting.”Rizhao has both the sea and the mountains, farming culture, Marine culture and sun culture. Rizhao farmers’ paintings can be farmers’ paintings, fishermen’s paintings and sun paintings. Compared with farmers’ paintings in other places, it has a wider space for creation.”The Ministry of Foreign Affairs protocol Department candidate national gift, Chinese characteristics tourism Commodities competition gold medal, Chinese folk arts and crafts “local award”, selected shandong “village good thing”……Over the past ten years, Rizhao farmers’ painting embroidery has lived up to expectations and won many awards consecutively, making Rizhao farmers’ painting known to more people.Still adding more possibilities.Based on the successful experience of rizhao farmers’ painting embroidery, Jiale Zhao tries to combine the traditional culture of other places into traditional embroidery, and helps the excellent traditional culture or characteristic products of other places to go abroad.For example, taian feicheng peach as the theme of the design of farmers’ painting embroidery series products.”Cultural products are limited to some extent because local culture has local characteristics, you have your characteristics, others have their characteristics, it is not integrated.If you don’t want the brand to end up somewhere, you have to find ways to break down walls and achieve integration when two cultures collide and don’t merge.”Chao said.As the chairman of Donggang Jinli Handicraft Co., LTD., This year, Zhao Jiale plans to relocate the plant, purchase more advanced intelligent production equipment, expand the production scale of farmers’ painting embroidery.After using the new equipment, it will greatly reduce the dependence on labor in the production process, reduce loss and improve output. It is expected that the annual output value of peasant painting embroidery can reach 50 million yuan by then.

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