With art zhuang huai martyrs to the culture of deep feeling

Xining, April 1, People’s Daily Online (Zhang Haopeng) On April 1, the theme activities of “Ode to Qingming · National Conditions” in the West district of The 2022 Qingming Poetry Festival were held in the New Era Civilization Practice Center in The West district of Xining city. The activities include “online thoughts”, “offline works exhibition”, “offline Qingming Poetry Festival”, etc. Through the form of poetry festival,In this traditional Chinese festival Tomb-sweeping Day approaching, remembering the martyrs, express grief.At the same time, the event was carried out in the simultaneous mode of “online + offline”, and the online live broadcast of the event attracted nearly 10,000 viewers to watch it online.Event, “gan will blood WoZhongHua”, “my north and south” “Chinese youth” and other 12 programme highlights another, all participating units innovation form, through reading, to read, recite, group ShiLian style, etc, in poetry, classical poetry new sing, dance performance, with music, dance, instrumental music, and the choreography, and other art forms,The poem fully shows the artistic conception and artistic atmosphere of rendering power, similar to pass the patriotic, love the party, love the township deep friendship.”District civilization office held this’ Qingming Ode · home national conditions’ is very eye-catching, both a rich feast of vision, and a profound baptism of the soul, is dedicated to the masses of our Qingming gift package, sincerely thank the district civilization office’s careful organization.Residents from the area said.It is reported that during qingming Festival,Xining city west end party organizations at all levels will be successively carried out to revisit the party revolutionary martyr cemetery, visiting oath, patriotism education base, reading, painting and calligraphy, classic “martyrs” online offering “said revolution, the tradition, have the tomb-sweeping day, send grief”, “green civilization sacrifice” volunteer service, sacrifice “carry forward the civilization, advocate green life” theme of propaganda, and more rich in contentActivities of various forms.We should give full play to the carrier role of traditional festivals in carrying forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation and cultivating and practicing socialist core values. We should carry out scientific and civilized sacrificial methods, better remember the martyrs, worship the heroes and learn from them, and make the green, environmentally friendly and civilized sacrificial activities become a new fashion.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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