Man poor to can only sleep on the balcony, girlfriend but never abandon, roommate: I exactly bad in which?

Many years ago, I came across this sentence: “Love without material things is just a piece of sand, because love is pure, but life is not pure.”Friends around me have also told me in the tone of “experienced” : “If it was before, love and bread I will choose love, but now, I grow up, I will choose bread, when I have bread, I will consider love.This sentence does have some truth, after all, although love is very important, but love is not a necessity, a person can not love, but he can not live.”I’ve always believed that there are people in life who love you and nourish you, and when you lose them, no one can fill that void.”It was their declaration of love.No matter what you believe in, we all have a common identity — working people.After the Spring Festival holiday, migrant workers have returned to their jobs one by one. Although the pressure of life and work is very high, young people will surely usher in a better tomorrow as long as they are not afraid of hardship and fatigue.See here, there must be many net friends say: “I am not afraid of hardship, but god can give me a date when ah.”It’s not just you who have the same problem. A man’s roommate in Guangdong province has it even worse.Because he not only work pressure, have no partner, the key is to endure the roommate’s love every day when the “sour smell”.This is not, a man in Guangdong poor to sleep on the balcony, girlfriend still do not abandon, cause roommate dissatisfaction.Because he was so poor that he had to rent a balcony — yes, a balcony so small that sometimes he couldn’t even hang his clothes.In addition, the door of the room transformed by using the balcony is the floor, and there is hardly a place to stay.And because the door of the room after the transformation is very high, it is not convenient to enter and exit, want to go up only cautiously step on the bench.The landlord helped them install a small step, which made it easier, but the overall style of the room was enough to dissuade many.However, he actually has a girlfriend, and his girlfriend has always been willing to accompany the man to live on the balcony.This makes the roommate hurt, and the roommate often asks himself over and over again: What am I worse than him?Why can’t god just give me a girlfriend?God has tested me long enough.This day, he who worked a day is dragging the body of exhaustion to be unable to bear to return home, one took the door to discover the one male one female two pairs of slippers that are put outside the balcony.He opened the door to the man’s room and asked, “What are you guys doing here?”The two people in the room were embarrassed to see their roommate, and the man said awkwardly, “Sleep.”As soon as I heard this, my roommate was angry and threw up their quilt.”Sleep what!What time are you going to bed? Get up and get to work! ‘Reluctant as they were, they obeyed.Because the roommate was also said to be the man’s landlord.It was he who felt sorry for the man and his girlfriend because they had no place to live, so he vacated the balcony and remodeled it so that they could have a place to live.The balcony was too small, but something was better than nothing, and they could not afford to rent a large room.After the video was posted online, it attracted the attention and discussion of netizens.Netizen comment said, the condition is so bitter they can never abandon, I began to believe in love again.There are also comments that roommates care so much why, I think roommates are lemon essence, acid.Another netizen commented that he should not be satisfied with living on the balcony, but should work harder and take more jobs if a job fails. He should think of his girlfriend if not for himself and not let her suffer with him.If two people want to make it to the end and gain a good marriage, both love and material things are necessary.Without material love is a pile of sand, where is love?It’s scattered, or even scattered, because two people might not get together at all.You can live without these two things for a while, but not forever.Like Heo Young-gyun and Lee Soo-ji in the movie Wrangler.When they first met, each was poorer than the other, a poor wrangler and a refugee with only one baggage.As for love, they got married before they fell in love.But with the efforts of two people struggle, their life gradually better, feelings are becoming better and better.In the end, they not only have the bread, but also harvest love, go to the end.Love and bread are a choice of life.The man in the video has a girlfriend who does not mind his poverty and is willing to work hard with him, which is very enviable. Such a girl is very rare. I hope he can treat his girlfriend well and never forget the ups and downs she accompanied him through no matter when and where.Bread will be some, love will be some, but from nothing to have, hard struggle is essential, only struggle to obtain happiness, and struggle itself is a kind of happiness.Give it a thumbs up. Tell me what you think about it.

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