The governor of liangjiang was killed in broad daylight, Ci Xi ordered a strict investigation, officials admitted: check the qing dynasty is over

In one word, the end of the Qing Dynasty was chaotic, not only among the people, but also in the imperial court.At that time to use a word to describe, is “toward tianshe Lang, twilight deng Son hall.”In order to make money quickly and make up for the lack of fiscal revenue, the qing government sold its official position.Sometimes there are farces that even those in power can’t do anything about.In the late Qing Dynasty, there were four strange cases. Who was the real murderer of the horse case that shocked officialdom was not found out until the end.Ma Xinyi, the governor of Liangjiang, was killed by Zhang Wenxiang in broad daylight, the Empress Dowager Cixi made a deep investigation, there has been no conclusion.Review of the officials frankly, if continue to check, I am afraid to drag out more people, the qing dynasty really trouble.01 Liangjiang governor was assassinated by the assassination of ma Xinyi, the governor of liangjiang, this person’s identity is more special, not only as the governor of liangjiang so simple.He set a new record as the first official to be stabbed to death since the founding of the Qing Dynasty.Involved in the psychology of imperial officials, has not been found behind the real murderer, the case was repeatedly tried.Empress Dowager Cixi and important officials in the court kept the case so secret that they had to settle it hastily and kill Zhang wenxiang.Ma Xinyi was born in Heze in 1821. At the age of 26, he entered the jinshi examination together with Li Hongzhang.He had served as an official under Zeng Guofan. Objectively speaking, he was a good official with good ability and made great achievements during his time as an official.Most importantly, he was a loyal confidant of the Empress Dowager, which is why he was appointed governor of Liangjiang.To know the officer, at that time very important, the imperial court in order to let one of their own when, forced Zeng Guofan to leave here.Since he became an official here, he has done a lot of practical things to benefit the people and improve people’s livelihood.I’ve worked a lot of cases, and in a way, it’s hard to meet a good officer, because you get caught up in this.One day in 1870, when Ma Xinyi ready to return to the governor-general’s rest, just to catch up with a person to avenge.Ma Xinyi didnt think much, just get the complaint at that moment, was stabbed by sharp weapon, lost his life.The assassin is Zhang Wenxiang, the governor of the Two Rivers was inexplicably killed, the court discussed in succession.Because of his special identity, the outside world is very concerned about this matter, Zhang Wenxiang did not escape after the incident, but also said to raise troops for a thousand days, what is the meaning?The Empress dowager cixi knew her henchman was stabbed to death after a rage, sent Zhang Zhiwan to Jiangning investigation.The investigation of the case is more difficult than everyone knows, and the conclusion is not convincing.The case took more than 5 months, and the official “conclusion” was that Zhang Wenxiang had joined the Taiping Army and had become a pirate after his failure.Catch up with Ma Xinyi to attack pirates, brother and wife have an accident, let him hate this person.The assassination was planned because of the lack of redress.The result seemed too simple to be convincing, so the court sent Zeng Guofan and Zheng Dunjin to try it again.At this time zeng Guofan was transferred back to replace Ma Xinyi duties.Ministry of Criminal affairs Chief Zheng Dunjin soon felt the tense atmosphere, the prisoner Zhang Wenxiang in addition to say the same confession, most of the time at ordinary times do not speak.Even Zeng Guofan did not speak, only Zheng Dunjin questioned the prisoner.At this time jiangning area about the case rumors, make a boiling profusion.Some people said ma Xinyi and the murderer had known, both sides in anwei have a sworn brother, ma once bullied his brother’s wife, but also killed his brother.That’s why Zhang Wenxiang assassinated him, and then one of ma’s concubines did commit suicide.However, this conclusion was denied by the Ma family and the claim was refuted.Others say it was planned by Zeng Guofan, who at that time led the Xiang army, which was very powerful at the end of the Qing Dynasty and had been stationed south of the Yangtze River after the taiping Rebellion was defeated.This made the Qing dynasty uneasy, so ma Xinyi was sent to Jiangnan in order to control the Xiang army.It naturally became the “enemy” of the Xiang army. Is it possible that Zeng Guofan appointed someone else to do it?But Zeng Guofan had no time to do this at that time. He was seriously ill in Tianjin at that time and had no heart to worry about it.The ancients all said that shang women did not know the hatred of the conquered country, still sing the flowers in the back court, this describes the state of the court at that time is not strange.At that time, the Power of the Qing dynasty was gradually declining, but the officials in the court did not care about this matter and were busy in the official struggle.The case is not only a headache for the judges, but also for Zeng Guofan.Since Ma’s death, the outside world is suspected to be his work, the Empress Dowager cixi then arranged for him to serve as governor of Liangjiang, undoubtedly put him on the cusp of the storm.He tried to decline several times because he was not feeling well, but the court insisted on his appointment.According to the rules of the palace to meet the queen mother, zeng Guofan took the opportunity to find out the attitude of the court, but the Attitude of the Empress Dowager Cixi was very ambiguous, which made the heart was very worried.In fact, Ma Xinyi accident that day, according to common sense should be very strict security.But the strange thing was that a crowd of onlookers had gathered that day, and no one was quite sure who had done it.Empress Dowager Cixi warned Zeng guofan not to pay too much attention to this matter, but to concentrate on training soldiers.To this ceng guofan heart that is full of doubts, hurriedly left Beijing, but also to discuss this matter with his men how to judge.Think of another person is yi yi ½, the prince of alcohol and Ma Xinyi conflict, is deadAmong these involved foreigners, because the horse protecting foreigners let the court make a fool of himself, causing the court to start on him.At that time, there was a great deal of uproar, but it was certain that the murderer was a pawn.Especially what he said, there must be other forces behind a thousand days of troops.There were no great enemies between them, and it was not worth risking it at last.After all, killing a court official is hard for the killer to get away with, and he’s clearly not right, as if he’s about to complete a mission.About the truth of the case, even if everyone has a guess, but also dare not say.The object of this suspicion, there is speculation is the Xiang army senior personage, itself in the maintenance of their interests in the Jiangnan area.In fact, ma’s son was very secretive about his father’s death.It has been mentioned that his father was scolded by the Empress Dowager cixi for making him governor of Liangjiang for the real purpose of finding the treasure left by the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom.After the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom was wiped out, the court always wanted the money and asked Zeng Guofan for it.However, due to various reasons, Zeng Guofan has been shirking this matter, and did not want to contribute to the court.That’s why the Empress Dowager sent Ma to replace Zeng as governor of Liangjiang, with the real purpose of letting him find the money.So it is possible to touch the xiangjun sensitive nerve, after all that money.As for the black hand, it may be an important figure in the Hunan Army.The truth of the case is widely speculated, but because of the involvement of too many things, so can not be closed.If we continue to pursue, for fear of causing conflict between the Imperial court and the Xiang Army, we can only follow the previous words.Killed the guy. That’s all we know.05 summary about Ma Xinyi is who killed, we speculate constantly, but suffering from no evidence, simply unable to find out.If we really want to find the real culprit, it will affect the stability of the Qing Dynasty.More like the game between the court and the local, concentrated in the court and the Xiangjun confrontation, although Ma Xinyi character is good, but was born in that era, can only be “cannon fodder”.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete!

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