Lang Ping unfortunately, Zhao Yong has no advantage, CAI Bin is still the best, fan: The Chinese women’s volleyball team will be crushed

Recently, with the official announcement that CAI Bin is the new head coach of the Chinese Women’s Volleyball team, the majority of fans have a lot of discussion about this, of course, the focus of discussion mainly focuses on two aspects.First, why is CAI Bin the best head coach of Chinese women’s volleyball team, instead of Zhao Yong, Zhang Jianzhang and others?Second, what should we do after the Chinese women’s Volleyball team?The following small series also want to express their own views.In terms of coach: first of all, I believe that the majority of fans still feel very pity that Lang Ping was not elected, because she is still the majority of fans’ first choice.Secondly, Zhao Yong and others failed to be elected mainly because of lack of advantages.On the one hand, my team has not achieved satisfactory results in the super League and the National Games.On the other hand, coaching experience and the ability to improvise on the field is still poor.Finally, comprehensive requirements for the best head coach, CAI Bin is still the best candidate.Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball Team has made rapid progress in recent years, and many young players have become very mature on the court through training in various competitions such as super League and National Games. In fact, this is due to the efforts of the players on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is due to the careful training of CAI Bin and many inspirations given to the players on the court.In fact, xiaobian believes that sometimes a moment of enlightenment is better than a long time on the training ground.On the other hand, the majority of fans believe that The Chinese Women’s Volleyball team will be really crushed in the following matches, and it is really difficult for them to achieve ideal results in the near future, no matter in the World Women’s Volleyball League or the World Women’s Volleyball Championship. The reasons of the fans can be summarized as follows:First, with the increase in injuries to older players, many young players have to carry the burden, but are still inexperienced in the international arena.Second, the new players, women’s volleyball players in many countries have been able to bear the burden, and some of the team coach is many years in the international arena, the field experience and strength are very rich, very strong, both the players and coach the Chinese women’s volleyball team is not dominant, want to get good grades is really not easy.What do you think of the coach and the future of The Chinese women’s volleyball team?I am HongKong HongKong chat women’s volleyball team, want to know more about the latest information of women’s volleyball tournament, then follow me.

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