True story: a guy was cheated 300,000 yuan by a female anchor, and an investigation revealed that the other guy was a foot picker

Hello everyone, welcome to watch the drama of folk affairs.In this era of new media, it has become a very normal social phenomenon for young people to make friends on the Internet, and for marriageable men and women to look for other halves on the Internet.There is nothing wrong with making friends on the Internet. Looking for a lifelong partner on the Internet is also one of the channels to find a good match. However, due to the anonymity and virtual nature of the Internet, we need to be careful when making friends.On the early morning of November 20, 2020, in a high-rise building near wuhan railway Station, a young man was experiencing the darkest moment of his life. He climbed onto the window ledge and tried to jump and end his young life.This young man’s name is Feng Jinlei. Before this, he was a very reliable and normal young man. He was a local man in Wuhan and had a stable job in a state-owned enterprise.See here there are a lot of people curious, what happened to Feng Jinlei?You want to die your way out of it?Don’t worry, let’s look down slowly!Feng Jinlei walked up to the window, put his foot out of the window, just as he was ready to put out the other foot, his heart suddenly flashed a trace of reluctance.When life and death a read, Feng Jinlei chose to call the police, he wants to tell the police, what he has experienced, because he is not willing to let go of those who hurt him, that is, this phone call, saved Feng Jinlei’s life.After the police received a call, hurried to come over, in all good and bad to say, Feng Jinlei finally walked down the window, rescued Feng Jinlei was taken by the police into the public Security Bureau, here, he told the story of his own experience.Feng Jinlei is a 90 hind, also be a bachelor, want to have a girlfriend all the time he, joined a network make friends with a group, and inside this group, knew a girl called Yang Li.This girl is beautiful, tall and gentle. When Feng Jinlei and Yang Li get along, they feel happy in body and mind. Soon, Feng Jinlei has a good impression on Yang Li, and what’s more, Yang Li is also very warm to Feng Jinlei.In just two months, the two became good friends from ordinary Internet users. After that, Yang invited Feng to meet offline, but Feng was cautious and refused.So, since Feng Jinlei is so cautious, why will the mood so extreme?According to Feng jinlei, Yang Li told him that he was doing live broadcasting and wanted Feng Jinlei to go to his studio to gather up the number of people for him. Feng Felt that this kind of thing did not cost people and money, and there was nothing to refuse, so he agreed.Although he promised to go to Yang Li’s live broadcast room, feng repeatedly confirmed whether the link sent by Yang Li was safe. After checking it repeatedly, Feng found that it was really just an ordinary live broadcast software.But the live broadcast software inside the anchor, wearing more or less exposed, which let Feng Jinlei feel some faint uneasy.At this time, Yang Li sent him a message, hoping that Feng Jinlei could register a member, and said that new users only need to register a member recharge one yuan, Feng Jinlei thought: that is to register an account, a dollar on a dollar!Just doing a favor for a friend.So jin-lei feng without thinking is to register an account, and later, Yang li came in from his top-up member links, jin-lei feng opened, the link immediately to enter the password of the link, because the page runs too fast, he paid for a total of two times, at that time the jin-lei feng also feel nothing, that is two dollars.But after a few seconds, the bank actually gave him the information, aunt, look at the content of the message was stunned, above unexpectedly show, their bank card, just a total of 2000 dollars.Feng jinlei quickly opened his bank transfer records and found that 986 yuan and 992 yuan had been deducted from the member’s recharge respectively, totaling 1,978 yuan.At this time feng Jinlei also disregard other, he quickly sent a message to Yang Li, Yang Li’s attitude is polite, claimed to let Feng Jinlei rest assured, he now contact the platform, let the platform to return the money to Feng Jinlei.But things are not as simple as Feng Jinlei thought, Yang Li recommended feng Jinlei a staff named midnight finance, let Feng Jinlei and this person to negotiate refund matters.To his surprise, the customer gave Feng a bank account and asked him to recharge the account with 6,000 yuan.In the words of the customer service staff, the receiver actually does not exist, so the 6000 yuan recharge is invalid. As long as Feng Jinlei takes a screenshot of the recharge record, he will return the money to Feng Jinlei intact.Feng Jinlei also checked this account on the Internet, and it is indeed an invalid account.Customer service means, make jin-lei feng gave him a virtual proof of refund, in order to cope with the audit of the company, but jin-lei feng think it may not be as simple as that, at this time, after all, 6000 dollars is not a small number, and then to jin-lei feng Yang sent to believe that he assured jin-lei feng, just cooperate with customer service to be a fake,I will definitely give feng Jinlei all the money back.Because Feng Jinlei and Yang Li get along for a long time, Feng Jinlei still believe Yang Li, with Yang Li’s guarantee, Although Feng Jinlei hesitated, but still a bite to 6000 dollars to rush in.But this recharge, Feng Jinlei was dumbstruck, the money actually so filled in, he hurried to find the customer service named midnight financial, and the telephone at the end of the midnight financial tone of speech is also very surprised, said he had never encountered this situation.See Feng Jinlei so anxious, midnight finance to him and introduced a person, claiming that he does not have this permission, need to refund by his online.In this way, Feng added another “Customer service 001,” who, according to Midnight Finance, is the platform’s chief financial officer, and the customer service 001 seemed very professional when they talked to Feng.He offers jin-lei feng a comprehensive and thorough plan, this time, customer service 001 suggest jin-lei feng and large transfer, because of too much money, the bank over there will send user authentication code, waiting to enter verification code after a time, Banks would be natural to remind you, the verification code after aging, money naturally turned over.After hearing the advice of 001 customer service, Feng Jinlei thinks this method is feasible, because in our daily life, we often need to provide verification code to pay, if there is no input verification code, or the wrong verification code, there will be no transaction.So he waved a big hand, directly turned 49998.11 yuan, but when he put the expired verification code a lose, that page suddenly flashed, this money incredibly weird turned over.See the successful transfer interface, Feng Jinlei’s brain buzz, a blank, Feng Jinlei hurried to contact customer service 001, who knew that customer service 001 was even more anxious than him, customer service 001 claimed that he did not let Feng Jinlei transfer, how suddenly turned over so much money!This practice is like a cheap and naughty people, things happened to this step, Feng Jinlei also reacted, he was cheated, before and after he has taken in nearly sixty thousand, this time he thought of the police.But just as he was about to call, a message came from 001 and Yang Li, the customer service staff, who repeatedly told Feng not to worry that the money would be returned.In this way, 001 customer service recommended feng jinlei another person, and claimed that this person is the CEO of the platform, the online name of “1999 antique girl” is a young man, he added Feng Jinlei, said that he would return feng jinlei’s previous money, all.Haven’t jin-lei feng such as happy, the man told jin-lei feng, he has to pay a deposit, in the face of this request, jin-lei feng apparently does not accept, but the other explanation is clear, your tube with the platform also belongs to the industrial and commercial bureau, if there give a refund, later period is very troublesome, man claims that his offer jin-lei feng a normal bank card account,If they belong to the cheater, later Feng Jinlei can go to the police through this.Not only that, the man promised to Feng Jinlei, as long as the deposit of fifty thousand dollars, the later will return all the money to Feng Jinlei, Feng Jinlei a listen to, the other side said also makes sense, now the bank card belongs to the real-name system, their money will not be ignored.So he according to the man said, to the man to provide the card number transferred fifty thousand dollars, it is worth mentioning that fifty thousand dollars just transferred over, the man let Feng Jinlei provide alipay account, and the previous recharge of 2000 yuan returned.As a result, Feng jinlei’s psychological line of defense suddenly lowered, he thought: the other party is still true to his word, at least back 2,000 yuan.But the other side of the next words, make Feng Jinlei very angry, the other side claimed that this time to give you back one hundred thousand, so the margin received also have to be one hundred thousand, is the so-called arrow, had to hair, there is no way, Feng Jinlei had to give the man to turn over one hundred thousand yuan.The money just turned over, the other party sent a message, claiming that one hundred thousand dollars has been transferred to Feng Jinlei’s Alipay, Feng Jinlei quickly login alipay view, but to his disappointment, there is no more than one hundred thousand yuan in Alipay.Feng jinlei hurried to send a message to the other party, but the other party incredibly replied: “What?I didn’t turn around. How could that be?Just a moment, I’ll go and see.”A few moments later, the caller sent Mr. Feng another message saying that there was a glitch in the system or a problem with the bank, and that he had indeed transferred the money to Mr. Feng.Not only that, the other party also sent to Feng Jinlei transfer records.Things have come to this point, Feng Jinlei has understood, this is a complete fraud, but now, he did not have the slightest way, he had to beg to the other side, said he did not care about the one hundred thousand dollars have no remittance, now just ask the other side to return the deposit to himself.Customer service 004 claimed that if he wanted to recover the money, he would have to continue to pay the deposit. It didn’t arrive because of the system, and it would arrive after a while.At this point, Feng Jinlei was just like the psychological state of a drowning person. No matter what he held in his hand, he would hold on tightly, desperately trying to get the money back, desperately trying to jump into the pit set by the other party.At this time, Feng Jinlei’s mental state has been a problem, if at this time he has a friend and family to remind, will not happen so bad things, but unfortunately, Feng Jinlei did not pull him ashore that person, he has completely stuck in.At this time Feng Jinlei has no money, but customer service 004 gave him the idea that you can temporarily use credit cards or other loan platforms, so Feng Jinlei in each loan platform has borrowed one hundred thousand yuan, money has been transferred to customer service 004.Wait until confirm Feng Jinlei body has no longer squeezed out a cent of the time, these so-called customer service all collective offline.This thrilling hours, Feng Jinlei was cheated a total of 300 thousand yuan, for Feng Jinlei, as a nightmare, under the continuous blow, Feng Jinlei wants to use suicide to end his life, this just went to the window, planning to jump off the building.Hearing this, the police have confirmed that Feng jinlei was involved in a fraud ring, but the police reassured Feng that the money might be recovered because he reported the case in time.The first person they hacked into was Yang Li. After investigating, the police discovered that Yang Li was not a woman at all, but liu Mingfei, a 20-year-old man from Henan Province.Liu claimed that he had added 40 or 50 people in that dating group successively, for fraud. With Liu’s line, the police again followed suit and found out the true identity of the customer service of those platforms.The suspects, ranging in age from 17 to 25, were arrested.After the arrest, under the interrogation of the police, it was found that these several suspects do not know each other in real life, see some people here will be strange, since do not know, how they gathered together?Here’s who they really are.First, Liu, who plays Yang Li, was a Courier in real life who quickly went astray because he wanted to make some extra money. Liu claimed that he came into contact with the group by accident.This so-called friends group, is the fraud gathering place of criminals, they have no intersection in real life, but the division of labor is clear on the Internet, such as Yang Li, his responsibility is to find the target of fraud, and fraud the target to open membership on yellow software.As long as the other party top up the first sum of money, in the future will be like a bottomless pit, a steady stream of be cheated, until be cheated, the whole body up and down to cheat penniless so far, experienced cheater set layers of traps, let your mind again sensitive, have escaped their legerdemain.On July 16, 2021, Feng jinlei went to the police station to receive 190,000 yuan, the first amount of the defrauded money recovered.With the help of the police, he not only recovered his financial loss, but also rekindled his trust in society and hope for life.Feng Jinlei was cheated incident reminds us, “flies do not bite seamless eggs”, we should try to get rid of their greed, reasonable management of their seven emotions and six desires, but also in life more rational, less impulsive.We must understand the causal relationship and logic before we can take action. We must not act blindly.

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