Cut 13 sets, change the name of the play, Liu Yifei Jing Boran starring in the new play, one of the fate of the face was changed

Starring Liu Yifei and Jing Boran, the three Sheng was filmed as early as 2018, but it has not been available to the audience until today. However, the latest news comes out of the drama. The original name of the drama is Nanyanzhai Records, but now it has been renamed The Three Sheng.Also changed with “three sheng”, a song of the series length, originally this is a single set of running for 45 minutes, a total of 68 sets of DaTiLiang plays, but is now down to 55 sets, directly deleted 13 episodes of plot, this also let a person have to the quality of the “three sheng a song” worrying, it doesn’t matter if you delete the content, may not affect the quality of the work as a whole,But if the story editing chaos because of the cut, I’m afraid the loss is not worth the gain.However, compared with such a large-volume drama, the condensed plot is more pleasant, and the time for viewers to follow the drama is shortened, and the rhythm of the drama will be significantly accelerated. Naturally, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages for viewers who like to follow the drama at a fast pace.However, whether the name is changed or the drama is deleted, for the audience, will not reduce the expectations of this drama, Liu Yifei and Jing Boran cooperation is still widely expected.L one act the role of the two Angle, jingboran young feeling full l the development direction of the past few years has been on the big screen, in collaboration with Disney “hua mu LAN”, and shooting a film version of the “junior iii li, peach blossom”, and “this life lucky of second generation the demon”, but without exception, word of mouth is sub-par performance.Liu’s heyday also came after the millennium in costume dramas such as Chinese Paladin and The Return of the Condor Heroes.”The Three Sheng” is liu Yifei’s return to the small screen, is expected to launch a similar “Chinese Paladin” high praise of the work, Liu Yifei has always been perfect, acting will not be a drag on the play.Just from the trailer, Liu Yifei in the play a person to act the role of two corners, can be gentle like water, can be seductive charm, two completely different state in liu Yifei’s interpretation, will not let a person play.Jing Boran, co-star with Liu Yifei, has raised the audience’s expectations through the trailer alone. Although Jing Boran is now over 30 years old, he is one of the few actors who still retains a good sense of youth.In the play with Liu Yifei is a minute with a face.Although Liu yifei’s pure and beautiful temperament is easy to give a sense of a strong aura, but Jing Boran’s patriotic youth aura does not fall into the wind.Two actors and the role of the high degree of adaptation, coupled with this kind of sweet cp feeling, “One Song three Sheng” must have captured the hearts of many audiences.Although “One Song three Sheng” has not been aired yet, it already has such a strong popularity, coupled with the strong cast of the drama, liu Mintao, Zhang Hanyun, Tian Xiaojie and other talented actors, can also ensure the performance level of the drama.Fantasy genre expectation, zhao artists not escape in face of fate in 2021 launched a fantasy genre plays in the international market department, cane, evoke a strong repercussion among the audience, although the setting of the drama are not new, but success with red in the scene sweet and bin-bin zhang two leading role, and the subject of “three sheng”, a song is also tend to fantasy, and from the point of character set,With “Si Teng” has certain similarity, therefore, “one song three Sheng” has the possibility of becoming a popular style.Compared to Jing Boran as Yeshen, Liu Yifei as Lu Mansheng and night moro two roles contrast is more distinct, Lu Mansheng and Yeshen feelings how deep, night Moro in the face of Yeshen, how cold-hearted, this abuse of the heart of the story, will also be a major aspect of the play.The production finished filming in 2018, and was granted a distribution license in 2019. It should have been released earlier, but that was partly due to the influence of artists surnamed Zhao.In “Breakout”, Zhao also played an important role, but after the series was cut, most of his scenes were deleted, and the way of using AR to change his face was replaced by other actors.Although the original outline of the actors can still be seen after the face change, it ensures that the play can be broadcast smoothly.”One Song three Sheng” will probably choose such a way to minimize the influence of zhao artists.Although Zhao didn’t change his face in the trailer for the drama, changing his face is probably the best choice when it comes to the actual audience.Now launched in the international market, more and more high quality work, but is still scarce, fantasy genre of quality plays in addition to the department of cane in 2021, in recent years, never truly conquered the audience on the quality of work, also few artists actor popularity through this kind of subject matter, as long as the “three sheng in a song of” high quality,It’s not impossible to become the next Si Teng, and spring is coming for Jing Boran and Liu Yifei.

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