What is the charm of Greece, the first country to enter the Beijing Winter Olympics?This comic gives children the answer

Greece is the first country to enter the Beijing Winter Olympics at the start of spring.Why is Greece the birthplace of the Olympics?What are the stories of Greece?Greek mythology has become an important part of parents’ education for their children over the years.An ancient Greek myth is not so much a story as a microcosm of the origin of Western culture.The later Renaissance was also based on The Greek civilization.Perhaps this is why I often see questions like: Who would recommend a suitable version of an Ancient Greek myth for a nine-year-old?However, the book I recommend is not a myth, but a comic book!Yes, you read that right, it’s a comic!Comic book!It’s so important that it should be repeated for three times.You might think I’m off topic, but I’m not.Are you really going to expose young children to Greek mythology with its complex relationships, disparate systems, and various gods?Maybe some kids can handle it, but the truth is that cultural differences are too big and difficult.It was in college that I gradually understood the complex relationship between characters after listening to the relevant courses taught by Professor Zhao Lin, one of the “four famous mouths” in the school, and reading Greek mythology.Besides, doesn’t child psychology say that?It’s best for children to learn knowledge from places they can tiptoe reach based on their comfort zone.Personally, it is necessary for children to understand Greek mythology, but the threshold should be low enough.It may be more appropriate to introduce children to Greek culture and let them gradually understand Greek mythology on this basis than to start with a relatively complex system.Recently, for example, I saw a series called The Adventures of Arcax, which touched on Greek culture and part of Greek mythology.I think it’s perfect for the introduction stage.This cartoon is based on three children Arcus, Bux and Kakus.Three children miraculously arrived in Greece.In their travels, they witness the building of the Parthenon, the beginnings of democracy, the philosopher Socrates and slavery.The whole cartoon is wonderful, not to mention the children, even I can’t stop reading.Some people may have questions about the comic book format.However, the Reader’s Manual found that “people who enjoyed comics as children tended to become better readers as adults.”Here’s the best story.By a strange combination of circumstances, three children accident due to the eruption of the volcano to ancient Greece, Bukes and Cox were saved by the good Greek, but A is not so good luck.Arcas was sold as a slave to build the Parthenon and later sold as a miner, but he never gave up and finally managed to escape to freedom.However, after this, the three of them successfully help a good friend out of trouble, to find the Athena diamond, almost caught in a war between the Spartans and the Greeks.The whole story is full of climaxes, and the ending of each story leaves a new mystery, which is very fascinating.There’s plenty of Greek culture here.The story is interspersed with the workshop of Socrates, the most famous philosopher of ancient Greece, tells the story of democracy and justice in ancient Greece, mentions the conflict between The Spartans and the Greeks, and even gets the help of the ancient Greek god at the bottom of the mine of Arcas.The original complex knowledge system, because of the fascinating comic interlude, can give children a deeper impression.Here can also cultivate children’s courage, wisdom and emotional intelligence.Arcas never gave up hope in the difficult situation, but won the respect of the slaves.The children solved one difficulty after another by using their wisdom and modern technology to help their friends or themselves out of trouble.As a slave, for example, Arcas used leverage to move rocks.For example, when they solved the problem of Phidias stealing gold from Mexican taxpayers in the making of the Statue of Athena, they zeroed out the Greek statue and weighed dias to clear his name.The whole cartoon is an in-depth reconstruction of Greek life.Children can learn about the way of “servation” in different classes through visual images, as well as the thoughts of different people through vivid and interesting stories.The whole story is full of fun, and the psychology of using the points that children are interested in to make them learn within their comfort zone is a really fun and rewarding comic.

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