Handle emeritus do not forget to hand in “this” material, otherwise get 720 yuan less every month, a lot of people do not know

China will carry out the seventh national census in 2020. According to the results of the seventh national census, China’s population has exceeded 1.4 billion.At the same time, the total elderly population in China has reached 264 million people in 2020, accounting for nearly one-sixth of the national population, this data is quite huge.Since they have reached retirement age, most of them may have no financial resources.So how should these people who have made contributions to the social construction of our country spend their retirement life?How can their basic livelihood be effectively guaranteed?In fact, in order to take care of the elderly who lose the ability to work and reduce the burden of their children, China has also taken certain measures to ensure the life of these elderly people, so that their basic life is effectively guaranteed.The most important policy system is the endowment insurance system. Although it may not be perfect, it is constantly improving itself.Among them annuities is the main endowment insurance treatment in endowment insurance, according to our country “social insurance law” regulation, should satisfy relevant regulation only to be able to get corresponding annuities after retirement.According to the regulations, each person needs to pay a certain proportion of pension insurance every month before retirement, and at the same time, they need to pay for 15 years, so they can receive pension every month after the retirement age, and the current retirement age stipulated by Chinese law is 60 years old for men and 50 years old for women.Statistics show that by the end of 2021, more than 74 million Enterprises in China could provide retirees with pension benefits.This also means that in the future, both urban and rural areas have basically paid the pension insurance, there will be more and more elderly people in retirement can enjoy the benefits brought by the pension policy, basic life can be guaranteed.At the same time, with the continuous reform of the medical insurance system, the problems of seeing a doctor and supporting the elderly have been well solved.In fact, when dealing with retirement procedures, you need to pay a lot of data, there is a material must not forget to pay, if you forget, so every month will get 720 yuan less.So when it comes to retirement, every piece of information is crucial. What is it that’s so important?Pensions in China have been increasing year by year for 17 years in a row, which must be a good thing for retired people.But the time that some person pays obviously and cardinal number are about the same, the annuities after the likelihood gets a hand can be few hundred dollars, this kind of thing is put on who won’t be pleased, so what circumstance is this?When dealing with emeritus commonly, be like formalities quite simple, need to take household register this and id card to be able to deal with emeritus formalities only.Provide corresponding data according to the regulation, but look like the retirement procedure of simple actually, it is the procedure is dealt with successfully likewise, have a little inattentive may get 720 yuan less than others.What did not offer actually is individual demission archives, as a result of individual demission archives also is not must want to offer, without individual demission archives also can deal with emeritus formalities.So people may not realize the importance of a personnel file, but this personal exit file could be the key to whether or not you get an extra $720 a month.Personnel files not only contain personal identification information, but also include information about your work status.It’s the equivalent of a notepad for your working life, and the most effective and direct indicator of your working hours, so it’s important for all of us.The monthly extra 720 yuan is the working time before the implementation of the endowment insurance system disguised as the cost of time, of course this 720 yuan is calculated according to the average level of the country.How much money can be received or according to different local policies, the specific need to go to the relevant departments to verify the situation.Of course, this is not available to everyone. It is also not available to those who have worked for less than 30 years, and it is also not available to those whose records are missing due to frequent job changes.Three, retirement file loss how to do if retired when did not submit dimssion file, can take the material that needs to go to relevant branch to inquire clearly to undertake filling do again.But there is no resignation file or can not be redone, so the resignation file must be properly kept.Of course, lost files can also be timely redone, for people working in state-owned enterprises or public institutions, generally this important file is very difficult to lose.Because general state-owned enterprises and institutions of the personal archives are strictly managed, whether it is to view or transfer, are stipulated to the individual.If something happens later can also be queried to the specific situation, so that the archive is relatively complete, want to apply for resignation files is also very simple.But for the personnel of some private enterprises is not so easy, because of the instability of the job, will often change the job, which includes personal files.As private enterprises do not pay attention to archives, there are often cases of lost files.Even if some enterprises can find personal files, but because of some reasons of the enterprise, it is very difficult to apply for a file for leaving office, so it is not easy for employees of those private enterprises to deal with files for leaving office.If the company really cannot provide the resignation file, you can go to the civil affairs department to apply for a new personal file.The process that builds individual archives afresh of course can be very troublesome, and the regulation must want before retiring, want to apply for to build individual archives again after retiring cannot deal with, because this still should take relevant material to ask specific case ahead of schedule.With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the endowment insurance system is also constantly improving. In order to have a certain economic source when they are old, more and more people begin to buy endowment insurance.Some people may not care about getting 720 yuan a month, but every little makes a lot, and over five years, there will be a 43,200 yuan difference between them.Conclusion: The continuous improvement of the endowment insurance system is to allow more old people to enjoy the benefits brought by the endowment insurance system, so that the elderly without economic sources can also rely on this pension to enjoy their own old age life, to provide effective security for the life of the elderly.After all, they also made some contributions to the country’s economic construction when they were young, and they should enjoy the fruits of development now.Do not know everyone around the old people who are about to retire, if there must be to tell them when dealing with retirement procedures must provide resignation files.

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