Minxian Public Security Traffic police carried out “one Helmet belt” theme publicity activities

In order to effectively improve the public’s awareness of safety protection, further enhance the consciousness of motorcycle and electric vehicle riders to wear safety helmets, prevent and reduce road traffic accidents from the source.On February 22, min county public security bureau traffic police brigade took to the streets by issuing publicity materials, the propaganda police to driver examples involve face-to-face “around a helmet” typical traffic accident cases, explain in detail the importance of wearing a seatbelt and sending helmet, to guide the people obey the traffic rules, form the good habit of civilized travel.Propaganda activities, police carried out combining with the current road traffic accident prevention “big reduction control and check the” three control “, in detail, drunk driving, driving without license to drive without a seat belt, and receive calls, such as the dangers of traffic violations, and told everyone to remember the traffic rules, accomplish driving safety civilization, civilization travel safely.”Safety helmet” and “safety belt” are both “details” that are easily ignored in daily travel. Details are vital to life. For the safety of you and others, please consciously wear safety helmet and standardize the use of safety belt

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