Tongchuan: Protect people’s health with sincerity

Seventy-three years of mu wind and rain, hard work and dedication, forging ahead, in Tongchuan, Shaanxi, the main birthplace of Chinese traditional Medicine, in the “hometown of medicine king”, there is such a profound cultural heritage and rich humanistic feelings, always bursting with bright and brilliant beacon of people’s health, she is tongchuan People’s Hospital.Tongchuan People’s Hospital, as a national large-scale comprehensive grade III first-class hospital, has always adhered to the tenet of “Everything is for people’s health” after several generations of hard work. It is realistic and innovative, and keeps forging ahead.It is the numerous medical specialties and characteristic disciplines that support tongchuan People’s Hospital as a sacred medical palace.Among them, there is a discipline, after years of honed, always walk in the forefront of the tongchuan region, she is the tongchuan city key specialty, shaanxi provincial cultivate specialized subject – (south campus) GanDanYi spleen tongchuan city people’s hospital surgery, the everywhere embodies the liver and gallbladder surgery department “people-oriented” concept, in Dr YanShun medical team’s hard work and innovation,Tongchuan People’s Hospital liver, bile, pancreas and spleen surgery overall medical level in the northwest leading position.Refinement innovation team GanDanYi spleen surgery in tongchuan city people’s hospital in mind the service tenet of “all for people’s health”, as a municipal key subject, under the guidance of the leader Dr Yan-shun ren, constantly create discipline brand, improve the quality of medical treatment, solving their sufferings, constantly improve themselves in terms of hardware and software.The department now has 4 senior titles, 7 intermediate titles and 35 primary titles, with 78 beds and the first surgical laboratory in Tongchuan area. Dr. Ren Yanshun’s Cholelithology and Lithotomy Center is well known both inside and outside the province.Dr. Ren Yanshun’s medical team has accumulated rich clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of acute, critical and difficult diseases such as liver tumors, endoscopic surgery, complex biliary diseases, pancreatic tumors, severe pancreatitis and portal hypertension.Autologous splenic transplantation, pancreaticoduodenectomy, combined hepatic lobectomy and segmentotomy, bile duct injury repair, reconstruction of bile duct stricture after injury, multiple biliary surgery, high bile duct plasty, and radical resection of high bile duct carcinoma have all become routine operations.In recent years,Tongchuan city people’s hospital GanDanYi spleen surgery have been successful in single-arch laparoscopic biliary stone extraction for bao, one-time cure laparoscopic bile duct calculi, giant of splenectomy in combination with cardiac from peripheral vascular surgery, resection of huge retroperitoneal liposarcoma, pancreatic duodenal supracricoid laryngectomy with reconstruction of joint portal system, laparoscopic resection of liver cancer, liver hemangioma, laparoscopic assisted pancreas duodenum cutIn addition to surgery, laparoscopic gallbladder cancer of the stomach and intestinal anastomosis, laparoscopic knot, colorectal cancer radical, etc., in Dr YanShun medical team’s unremitting efforts and strives for realism the innovation, successively in tongchuan region’s first “radiofrequency ablation of liver cancer, rf protect spleen, spleen rupture of the double mirror combined intrahepatic biliary calculi under liquid gravel lithotomy” and a series of domestic advanced medical technology.In the department of hepatobiliary, pancreatic and spleen surgery, we provide humanized care for patients. In addition to providing sincere, smiling, warm and thoughtful services, we respect patients’ personality, sympathize with patients’ pain, sympathize with patients’ difficulties and meet patients’ needs, thus winning patients’ trust and understanding.Among the hospitalized patients, there are four-year-old children with gallstones. “nurse sister” should not only have superb vein technology, but also about love and warm feelings, take on the responsibility of “mother”, comfort the mood of children and relieve pain.There are also 80 and 90 years old personality “hot temper” childless grandmother, nurse “granddaughters” are responsible for the living, food, take care of the grandmother.The liver, bile, pancreas and spleen surgery team confirmed the value of life and adherence to medical ethics with their actions again and again.The patient satisfaction of hepatobiliary, pancreatic and splenic surgery was above 98% in recent three years.Doctor is a sacred profession that is always closely related to life and requires professionals to have both superb medical skills and noble medical ethics.In order to create a comfortable medical environment and stay experience for patients, the wards of hepatobiliary, pancreatic and splenic surgery are clean and bright. Relevant disease knowledge, dietary guidance and surgical techniques are made and posted on both sides of the corridor of the department to provide patients with rich disease knowledge.The department carries out various forms of health education activities, through collective propaganda, one-to-one propaganda, multimedia lectures, pamphlets and other ways to carry out health education for patients, understand patients’ needs, solve patients’ questions, teach patients methods, master self-care skills, the coverage rate of health education reaches 100%.Every medical worker in the department will be responsible for the first question system to implement, do not shirk the responsibility of patients, always to solve the problems of patients first.Under the leadership of the discipline leader Dr. Ren Yanshun, the Department of Hepatobiliary, pancreatic and spleen Surgery of Tongchuan People’s Hospital (South Hospital) has always maintained the fine tradition and good atmosphere of unity and progress.For patients, medical staff is the main body to provide humanistic services, while for medicine, medical services and medical technology are equally important in doctor-patient relationship, and the quality of medical service has a great impact on people’s perception of medical technology level.Is standing in the first line of medical personnel saving lives, GanDanYi spleen surgery received more for critical patients, patients with complicated details, in the face of the patient’s pain and family high hopes, GanDanYi spleen surgery can not only provide first-class technology, provides the high quality service, they love to bind for patients relieved pain.Author: Ren Yongfei feng Yongchun

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