Zang Tianshuo strong accept Yang Yuying protection money, Lai Wenfeng please wheelchair brother to come forward

The story takes place in 2002.Yang Yuying, once popular, known as the “generation of jade”.She took a break from the stage after falling in love with Lai Wenfeng.In 2002, Yang Yuying decided to return to the world and held a low-key “I Don’t Want to Talk” theme concert in Beijing Beizhan Theater.On the first night of the concert, Yang Yuying was leading a group of rehearsals.At this time, a brother with more than 20 people into the North Exhibition theater.The leaders traipsed up to Yang Yuying. Yang shouted with a smile, “Brother Zang, have you been drinking?”This person is the name of the shock capital of a brother zang Tianshuo singer.Zang Tianshuo said: “drink not to drink is a small matter.I want to talk to you about something real right now, and you could do this concert.But anyone who comes to Beijing to give a concert, whether from Hong Kong, Taiwan or the mainland, must follow my rules!”Hearing this, Yang Yuying asked, “Brother Zang, what are the rules?”Zang Tianshuo said: “You are inland, collect 15 percent on the line.I’ll take care of security for you.”Yang Yuying said: “brother, I opened this concert, not to make money.”At this time zang Tianshuo’s first gold medal thug Lv Changchun stood out pointing to Yang Yuying, said: “waste what words, my eldest brother said how to do how to do.Otherwise, you can’t do this concert.”At this time, from the background together out of a few people, one of them wearing sunglasses, pointing to the stage zang Tianshuo said: “money is no problem, but have to see if there is this strength!”The speaker is lai Wenfeng, a young man from Xiamen Who has been silent for a long time!Zang Tianshuo looked a little familiar, deja vu.At this time Lv Changqing and several people jumped on a stage.The two sides staged a real-life slash-and-burn at the Beizhan Theater.Finally, Lai Wenfeng looked for a person who often sits in a wheelchair, the person who sits in a wheelchair looked for zhang General of six doors again, just solve this thing.

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