Such as Yi chuan diablo version: no wonder Yongqi dyed “disease”, look at Hu Yunjiao have done what disgusting things

As yi chuanzhong, Yongqi smart and resolute, can be regarded as a good candidate to inherit the great tong!Qianlong also had high hopes for him!Can sea LAN yongqi just want to do a minister, pedantic thoughts let Yongqi and mother from the heart.At that time, he happens to meet Hu Yunjiao, who, under the guidance of Yanwan Wei, knows how to please men and is considerate everywhere, and soon wins Yongqi!Ever since hu Yunjiao together, Yongqi’s health is getting worse and worse, and finally terminally ill, died!What’s wrong with Yongqi?First of all, “gangrenous”, “gangrenous” is in the cold and damp only some of the disease, every time Yongqi came back, regardless of winter and summer, let him take a cold bath, the United States called “labor of bones and muscles, with bitter to temper the mind”, but Yongqi originally leg is not good, in the damp and cold when the attack is more severe.In addition to the cold shower, Hu Yunjiao and Yongqi after the marriage, deliberately covered with a thin blanket, so that the cold bone marrow, and the room was damp and cold everywhere.Yongqi dotes on Hu Yunjiao and naturally does not care so much. She spends almost every night in her room and gradually gets empty!Instigated by Hu Yunjiao, Yongqi refuses to see the doctor, and refuses to see the doctor when she is sick. Moreover, she is separated from yi Kungong’s wife, regardless of other people’s kind warnings, and eventually becomes terminally ill and dies, which is true unfortunately…

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