The rototiller bit the man, firefighters rescued him and sent him to hospital

Hubei Daily news (correspondent Song Long, Le Wei) recently, shiyan city, Yunxi county jiahe town an old man with rotary tiller arable land, legs were accidentally involved in the machine, the situation is critical.When the fire rescue personnel arrived, they cut the main shaft of the rotary cultivator and rescued the old man.Fire rescue personnel arrived at the scene, next to the road in a vegetable field, a rotary tiller parked at the bottom of the slope, an old man lying under the rotary tiller.The old man’s right foot had been broken at the ankle, and his left leg had been entangled in the rototiller’s roller. He was unable to move and was very weak.Paramedics at the scene have put the old man on an intravenous drip.Fire rescue personnel in a careful observation of the scene, quickly use tools to block the demolition of the parts, expand the rescue space.In good safety protection, to ensure that the elderly from secondary injury, they use a toothless saw on the rotary cultivator spindle for cutting.About 20 minutes later, the rotary tiller’s main shaft was successfully cut, fire rescue personnel immediately separated the rotary tiller from the main shaft involved in the old man’s left leg, the old man was successfully rescued.After on-site medical staff carried out emergency treatment for the elderly, the fire and rescue staff carried him to the ambulance and sent him to the hospital for treatment.It is understood that the cause of the accident is the old man in the process of farming accidentally slipped and was caught by the teeth of the rake, resulting in both legs were involved in the rotary tiller.Spring ploughing season is now, the fire department to remind the majority of farmers friends, rotary tiller and other agricultural production equipment improper operation is prone to danger, operation must do a good job of safety protection, to prevent accidents.Hubei Daily client, focusing on hubei and world affairs, not only pushes authoritative policy interpretation, fresh hot news, practical and convenient information for users, but also launches a series of features such as hand-held newspaper reading, news, learning, online interaction and so on.

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