Warriors narrowly beat lakers!James Westbrook scored 45+21+13, Curry scored 24 points and Klay was the savior

The Lakers and Warriors have been very different teams this season, with the Purple and Gold starting the season with a big Three and trying to make another run for the championship, only to flounder on the edge of the playoffs.The Warriors didn’t make much of an offseason move, only a slight improvement, the result so far has been firmly in the league’s top two spots, one high, one low high, which is quite surprising to many fans.Today, the two teams again, this game is also a focus of the battle, the Lakers line up, the Warriors still in the water, so many fans pay attention to.At the start of the game, the Warriors opened the situation at home, through the inside and outside power, the first to open the game, began to occupy the initiative on the court.But the lakers had a good game, too, with James coming out every time the Warriors tried to stretch the lead.The Warriors are as consistent as ever, producing power from every point.But overall strength or warriors, after the first quarter, both sides still play very fierce, the Warriors lead the lakers 32-26 at home six points into the second quarter.The second quarter, the Warriors began to power, seemingly trying to open the gap through a wave, the suspense of the game to end early.But the Lakers didn’t give the Warriors a chance. After the Splash brothers hit baskets, Westbrook started the offensive, answering shots from Curry and Thompson, and James led the way with a 3-pointer and a playmaker.A 10-point deficit was quickly erased, and the lakers cut it to just five on a 2-and-1 run by Timberlake.Bradley’s 3-pointer gave the Warriors a 65-62 lead going into the break.The third quarter of the game, the two sides have been stalemate, the Warriors have maintained a slight advantage, but the Lakers are still very tenacious, this game, the Lakers did play their style, against the league’s no. 2 Warriors have no fear, but more and more aggressive.Westbrook and Monk both played well in the quarter, and the lakers as a whole played very well. The “three Crazy warriors” did not play out today, but the Lakers from the first quarter down, through the second quarter, the third quarter to chip away at the Golden State lead.Rivers hit the buzzer at the end of the third quarter after golden State challenged Thompson to make one of two free throws, leaving the Lakers trailing by one point, 94-95, heading into the final game.The lakers took the lead in the final game of the final quarter, and the Warriors were held to death as the tide began to tilt in their favor.Thompson shot well in the quarter, however, linking up with Wiggins in the clutch to tie the game and take the lead again.The suspense of the game has been extended!At the last minute, Thompson came out and hit three consecutive 3s to help the Warriors regain the initiative!This game westbrook has been better, the third quarter was able to keep scoring, to help the Lakers close the score, and this shooting rate is not bad, there are not many turnovers, really deserves praise.To be honest, it’s been a nightmare season for Westbrook, who has been blamed for the lakers’ underperformance since coming to the lakers, with various deficiencies completely exposed.But this one was different. He was impressive, and with a $40 million contract, he could have done that every game and the lakers would have won more games.In the third quarter, Lebron passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the most career regular-season and playoff points in NBA history.This is a good game for the Lakers, but by contrast, the Warriors’ performance today is a little mediocre, the lakers have bright spots, but the Warriors’ problems have to be faced.In fact, in many games this season, the Warriors’ focus has been the key to their dominance in the league. Remember those games against the best teams?When they come up momentum, the whole team will become very focused, just like entering the field, all kinds of cooperation can play out, water can also bloom in unison.But now that contingency is becoming less and less, how to maintain that focus is also why the warriors need to explore.In fact, the performance of the water has been good, especially Thompson, the last time to save the Lord, this game is also a season high score!Continuous scoring at the end of the warriors vitality!Buddha light!Hopefully he can keep it up and the Warriors will still be favorites!

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