At the critical moment, India will become hot property again and open the door to China and Russia. What the US fears may happen

India has become a hot property these days, with many countries scrambling to get on with it after Japan and Australia failed to persuade Modi to speak out against Russia and receive many “greeting gifts”.I have to say it is somewhat impressive that Modi can sit still and not be seduced by the US and its Allies at this critical moment.The recent announcement that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov would visit India has suddenly attracted a lot of attention at a tense time.As soon as The Chinese foreign Minister left, India turned around to welcome the Russian foreign Minister, which shows how popular India is.And the last time before the Chinese foreign minister’s visit to New Delhi, the UK also sent a delegation to India, but it was rejected by India when it was ready to leave, and was directly rejected, becoming an international laughing stock.Surprisingly, after the news of the Russian foreign minister’s visit broke, Britain also refused to back down and announced that it would send Foreign Secretary David Truss to India on the same day as Lavrov’s visit.With the Foreign ministers of Both Britain and Russia visiting India at such a tense time, it seems that the time has come to test India.In fact, most people think That India will continue to cooperate with Russia, because India has not been in cahoots with The United States from the beginning, but has taken a rare stance with China in not condemning or sanctioning Russia.Later, it imported discounted oil from Russia against American wishes, which watered down American oil sanctions against Russia.The US has also hammered Modi with warnings many times, to no avail.Modi will not be able to do that if India and THE US are together in rejecting Russian goods, which India already depends heavily on for its weapons, and India will buy more military equipment and other things from Russia in the future as the two countries have increased cooperation since last year.So India’s relations with Russia are set to get better and better, and the meeting of the British foreign Secretary and his Russian counterpart in New Delhi at a time when India has rejected the British delegation is not likely to be very enthusiastic about the British foreign Secretary.And Mr Truss may also be using his silver tongue to persuade India to steer away from Russia and back into America’s strategic orbit.But when Kishida and Morrison can’t talk about India, how can Modi give This face to Truss?You may even be left out in the cold and see Modi smiling at Lavrov.It is worth mentioning that Lavrov’s visit to India is important.There has been talk of India bypassing the dollar and buying Russian oil in Either India’s or Russia’s own currency, and Now Lavrov is expected to come to India to negotiate a settlement.If India were to bypass the dollar and trade with Russia, that would be a big blow to dollar hegemony, and there might be more “Indians” to come, America’s worst fears might be realised.However, at this juncture, it is up to India, after all, India was once an ally of the US and is not so easily out of its grasp.(her honey haired cat)

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