Crowd gambling during epidemic prevention and control!Eight people were arrested in Rizhao

Reducing movement and clustering remains one of the keys to COVID-19 control. However…Recently, 110 command center received a report, said in the area of a factory house, a number of people gathered to gamble.Epidemic prevention and control is everyone’s responsibility.Gambling itself is an illegal and criminal act, and gathering people to gamble during the epidemic prevention and control period is extremely irresponsible for their own life and the lives of others!The police station immediately organized the police to arrive at the scene, enter the house to search, control the suspect…Eight gambling illegal suspects were arrested on the spot.And the police found that most of the people gathered did not wear protective masks.Police scene arrested suspects and confiscated gambling after review, li and other eight people using mahjong gambling, on the spot seized gambling funds more than 16,000 yuan, a pair of gambling.The eight pleaded guilty to gambling offences.At present, ju County public Security Bureau in accordance with the law respectively to give Li and other eight people administrative detention ten days and a fine of three thousand yuan of administrative punishment.

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