Prime Minister Boris Johnson: If they do, I’ll say so

Police are set to hand out 15 fines for the first time in the investigation into Boris Johnson’s alleged ‘party gate’ scandal, BBC News on Tuesday.Mr Johnson, who nearly lost his job over the party row, said: “If I am fined, I will let the public know.In January, it was revealed that the Prime minister had breached his own quarantine rules by holding several parties at Downing Street during the lockdown, and that Johnson himself had attended several of them.Since the allegations were made, There have been calls from Conservative lawmakers for Mr. Johnson to resign, British officials have said he could step down if he is found to have broken rules by attending the party, and several of Mr. Johnson’s closest aides have resigned.In the face of the crisis, Johnson panicked.Since then, Downing Street and the Metropolitan Police have launched separate investigations into the incident, but the findings have not been made public.And since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the attention of the government and the public has been drawn away and things seem to have calmed down.But on March 29th police said the first fines for the “party gate” investigation would be issued soon.Sources said at least 15 fixed fines will be handed out by police from Wednesday.The names of those who have received fines have not yet been announced, with the BBC saying 15 people will be fined, while ITV and The Times said 20 could be on the list.Johnson said he would tell the public if he received a fine.But Johnson is not expected to be among the first to be fined, The Times reported.It looks as if Johnson will get away with it again.Johnson has denied breaking quarantine rules, but the BBC reported that he was revealed to have attended at least three parties, including a garden party in May 2020, the prime minister’s birthday party in June and the special adviser’s departure party in November.Last week, police reportedly began interviewing key witnesses and sent more than 100 questionnaires to people suspected of being at the party, including Johnson, which are understood to have the force of law and require a response within seven days.Mr Johnson has also submitted a questionnaire, but Downing Street said his answers would not be made public.As well as the police inquiry, an internal inquiry inside Downing Street is nearing completion, with investigators said to have secured more than 300 photographs and 500 pages of evidence.Mr Johnson said the report from inside No 10 would also be published in full once the police investigation had been completed.

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