In 2022, the year of the Tiger is flying star wealth windfall where?Geomantic good luck azimuth diagram

In xuan empty geomantic learns the change that 9 palace flies a star every year, can see in the home the lucky with fierce of every position, can undertake reasonable layout accordingly, urge money for instance, urge peach blossom to wait.1. Position of peach blossom due north: This is Mercury, the “white Wolf”, which is in the auspicious position.This star deals with business, popularity and peach blossoms.Since the peach blossom star is white and belongs to water, you can put a cup of water to promote peach blossom, and then put a music box with sound on the chain next to it. As soon as you have time, you can start the music box and let its metal sound vibrate the water next to it, so as to promote peach blossom with golden water.2. Disease sign in the southwest: Saturn, the “two black gates”, is in the fierce position.This star can cause both physical and mental diseases, so it is also known as the sick symbol.Employees working here are prone to some progressive diseases of respiratory system, throat, trachea and abdomen.Wind chimes, music boxes and some metal objects that can make sound can be placed on the desk to dissolve.Because the minor disease is two black, belong to soil, and soil is gold, so use metal products to dissolve.3. It is the East that is in the wrong position: here is Jupiter, which is in the fierce position.This star can cause gossip, even litigation, for its master.To prevent small people is wrong, can be placed in this position to put pink objects such as pink felt or nine pink roses to resolve.Because the quarrelling star is sanbi, and sanbi is wood, and wood can make fire, so we use the color of fire to vent wood.However, if you live by eloquence (as a lawyer), there is no need to resolve.4. Southeast (Si Lu Wen Qu Xing) Wen Chang: Main business, official position here is “Si Green Wen Chang” Jupiter, belongs to the auspicious position.This star deals with wisdom, learning, and has the greatest impact on those who study and those who pursue academic studies.Every worker hopes to be promoted step by step, promotion and wealth, wen Chang tower can be placed, pen insert, a cup of water or four rich bamboo wen Chang position in the office or work table, which helps to promote the cause of Wen Chang Star.In addition to successfully passing the exams related to promotion, you can also get recognition from your boss, which will make your career progress steadily and greatly improve the chances of promotion and salary increase.Because wen Chang star is four green, belongs to wood, so use four numbers and plants to meet Wang Wen Chang.5. Middle house five Yellow Demons: This is Saturn, which is in the fierce position.This star is the most malign of the nine stars.If employees work here frequently, they are prone to respiratory and abdominal problems, such as throat, trachea and gastrointestinal diseases.Place a music box, wind chimes, keys, or other metal object that makes noise in this position on your desk to ward off illness.Because the star of the disease is five yellow, is soil, and soil is gold, so use metal products to resolve.6. Northwest windfall location: here is “six white martial arts” Venus, belongs to the auspicious position.This is a windfall location in the home, this location does not accumulate too much clutter, if out looking for job opportunities, you can consider heading northwest.If you want to urge horizontal, partial wealth can put a cup of water here.Because fortune star is six white, gold, earth can produce gold, gold can also produce water.7. Losing money due west: This is the Venus of the seven Red Army, which belongs to the fierce position.This star is a target for thieves and villains.It’s easy to get caught up in arguments, which can lead to financial distress.Can put a cup of water to dissolve, and broken star is gold, gold can live water, so water to leak to break star gold gas.8. Northeast Quadrant: This is Saturn, a good sign.This star is in charge of money.If you want to promote wealth, you can put a glass of water, any water plants or fish tank in this position to enhance wealth, because the “water” in feng Shui is wealth.Due south (Gu-zi-U-pil star) happy god: This is The Mars of Gu-zi-U-pil, which is a good sign.This star is for happy marriages.Four plants and nine red flowers can be placed in this position to surround the four plants for the benefit of those who want to get married.Having a potted clay plant on a festive spot in the office is much more effective at boosting morale and reducing the amount of infighting among employees.Because the festive star is nine purple and belongs to fire, the color of fire is used to increase the festive luck.Today’s content to share here, if you do not understand can leave a comment.

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