It snowed at wang’s house in Gong County, and these people did this

It was snowing at Wang’s house in Gong County, and these people did this!The snow in Gongxian Wangjia Patrol field was also “menacing”, and the ground was covered with a thick layer.I want to jump in and roll around in the snow.Southern happiness is so simple.According to the latest meteorological news in Yibin, the next few days may snow oh!On February 2, sporadic light rain occurred during the day and night, with sleet and snow in high altitude areas, accompanied by road icing. The temperature was 4 ~ 7℃.On February 3, it was cloudy from day to night, with sporadic drizzle. The temperature was 4 ~ 10℃.On February 4, scattered light rain turned to overcast day from daytime to night, the temperature was 5-10 ℃;On February 5, the cloudy day turned to light rain from day to night. There was sleet or light snow in high altitude areas, accompanied by road icing. The temperature was 5-9 ℃.February 6th Cloudy day to night with light rain, sleet or light snow at high elevations, accompanied by road icing, temperature 4-8 ℃.WangJia Town slope in the four original forest region affected by the strong cold air gong xien WangJia Town, cao cao town, and many other towns in southern mountains appear snow scene also attracted a large number of tourists also attracted and sorghum are just they aren’t for the snow to snow you New Year the first snow of the sudden, to sichuan and cloud in four provinces border slope primitive forests with silver and visitors.But in the face of steep mountain road, steep bend road slippery concrete reality, Wang Police station (traffic police squadron) of police, auxiliary police early on the mountain, to remind the past vehicles “low speed, do not occupy the road parking”.Remind pedestrians to “pay attention to road slip and fall”…The snow in the forest became thicker and the roads froze.In order to safety, the police had to let the snow people “disappointed”, the tourists patiently persuade back, at the same time on the forest road temporarily closed control, and on duty at the control intersection, to remind the vehicles do not continue to drive.Luming Tea Sea in Caoying Town is also located at the junction of Sichuan and Yunnan provinces. Due to the sleet weather, many snow tourists have been attracted to luming Tea Sea. Although the road in the scenic area is asphalt pavement, it is also icy and slippery.Caoying police station (traffic police squadron) police, auxiliary police to the pedestrian distribution of safety travel publicity materials at the same time, the vehicle into the mountain to persuade back.At present, the town shi Yong Road 8 km to 12 km section of the implementation of temporary closed control.Yiwei Road Lianghekou road is the main route for villages and towns in the south of Gong County to enter and leave the city, and also the beginning of the rugged mountain road.In order to ensure the safety of cars and passengers in rainy and snowy weather, police and auxiliary officers issued warnings and alcohol tests to drivers.Warm tips on ice and snow road surface to grasp the weather situation in time, in case of ice and snow road surface, try to reduce travel;If you travel, be sure to do: reasonable choice of travel route, drive carefully, slow down, fasten seat belt, install anti-skid chain, no drunk driving, no overtaking, no speeding, no overcrowding, no reverse driving, no emergency braking, bend to avoid hitting the direction, so as not to cause rollover.In case of controlled sections or slippery roads, please return to or detour to other safe routes immediately.Let more people know…

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