The fifth day of the New Year welcomes the God of wealth

The fifth day of the Chinese New Year is a particularly important day because we welcome the God of wealth!In the evening of the fourth day, every family should prepare sacrifices, cakes, candles and other items, and when midnight arrives, they begin to sing gongs, beat drums and burn incense.Among the offerings are a sheep’s head, which represents “good luck”, and a carp, which symbolizes “abundance every year”.According to legend, the fifth day of the first lunar month is the birthday of the God of wealth, so many merchants will choose to “open the market” on this day.See relatives and friends today, don’t forget to say: “Gong xi Fa CAI!”The authority of the mainstream media release gian station official WeChat ID | braided: li | principal editor:, for example, liu hao | audits: Xie Hong (for reprint love gian content, please contact authorization)

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