Today spring | winter is over, the bright sunshine and gentle breeze

Today, we usher in the 24 solar terms of the first solar term – Spring.Start of Spring is the first greeting of spring and the first rhythm of the New Year.The start of spring falls on the fourth day of the first lunar month. There is a folk custom of welcoming the Kitchen God.New Year, I wish you three seasons, gentle and interesting.”69″ the first day of the value of “69” the first day, “5969 see willow along the river”, get cold, wish you in the warm hurry to love.Beijing Winter Olympics meet Beijing Winter Olympics opening!February 4, also echoes this is the 24th Winter Olympics.”East Wind thaw” The warm breath of the wind, so that snow and ice began to melt, the earth began to thaw.Second hou · “Insects of insects beginning to vibrate” the insects of winter storage keenly feel the warmth, wake up or half meng half wake up, can yawn and stretch.During a winter, fish swim in the water, but there is still broken ice on the surface of the water, so they seem to swim around with ice on their backs.It is an important activity of The beginning of Spring. Preparations must be made in advance for rehearsals, commonly known as “Spring Performance”.Then, the spring is officially welcomed. The purpose is to bring back the spring and the god gōu.On the day of the beginning of Spring, Chinese people have a custom of eating radish, ginger, scallion and flour cakes, which is called “biting spring”. However, different customs in different places have different performances. In the south, eating spring rolls is popular.Eating spring cakes at the beginning of spring is a good wish for people to “make a year’s plan in spring”, while “biting spring” chewing radish refers to the ancient people’s meaning of “if you bite the root off, you can make Pepsi”.After the beginning of Spring, people like to go out for a spring outing, commonly known as tanchun and spring outing, which is also the main form of spring outing.The four-whip spring ox, also known as “Beating spring”, is to “whip spring ox” to “urge farming”.There are two kinds of spring ox: paper ox and clay ox. A man dressed as the god of Manhood slashes the spring ox three times with a whip tied with red silk.START OF SPRING, START OF SPRING, the south wind blows, the snow melts, little duck, Quack quack, jump into the river to take a bath.Tang · He Zhizhang jade makeup into a tree high, ten thousand down green silk sash.I do not know who cut the thin leaves, The spring breeze in February like scissors.The beginning of spring, everything is renewed, the old disease when healing, I hope your future is warm, the future can be.@Pentium Media Producer/Gong Chunwei, Wang Yufu review/Zhang Jin responsible editor/Hao Zi editor/Pei Xuan drawing/Pei Xuan statement/reproduced with reference to pentium Media wechat public number

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