Chen Xianyi: From the feet of men’s feet to the legs of the Northern Song Dynasty

In the Song Dynasty, those children who only asked for enjoyment did not care about the family and country, how could they win or lose a war?Those guys who know how to play polo, they end up losing their money.From the Feet of the Men’s Feet to the Legs of the Northern Song SoldierBy Chen Xianyi I’m afraid there is no doubt now in China that the feet of the men’s feet are smelly feet, but why they talk about the legs of the Northern Song Soldiermay surprise some people.I want you to hear me out.One is that at the end of the Northern Song Dynasty, in order to defend the capital kaifeng against the Invasion of the Jin Army, quite a few of the soldiers were good at polo. It is said that polo is the earliest form of football.Second, in order to play the ball well, they and today’s men’s football team, rather cherish their legs and feet.After all, soldiers have to fight, and when they go to the battlefield, they have to risk their lives. They can’t afford any frills.Indeed, at the end of 1126, the newly enthronded Emperor Qinzong of The Song Dynasty sent these formen to guard the crossing of the Yellow River against an invasion by jin soldiers.According to the records of the Song Dynasty, they were afraid of fighting. When they finally climbed onto the horse, they held the saddle in their hands and dared not let go. Their legs were trembling on the horse.Citizens on both sides of the street spread the soldiers as the biggest joke.As a result, when they reached the bank of the Yellow River, the Jin soldiers just emerged from the other bank, and the defenders scattered in a rush.Therefore, facing the danger of the Yellow River, It took Jin soldiers five days to reach the south bank safely, one by one, even the cavalry, without any resistance.They did not understand that it would be extremely difficult to cross the river as long as two thousand troops were stationed on the south bank.However, they managed to cross the river safely.In fact, at the most dangerous time, the south bank of the Yellow River was guarded by 130,000 Song army.It turned out that these imperial soldiers were good at fun, many of them were playboys, and some were good at football (or polo at that time).In less than a year, Kaifeng was occupied by the Jin army, and half of the mountains and rivers belonged to the Jin.Compare, today we this national football team some aspects are also so.It is said that the soldiers of the Northern Song Dynasty took great care of their legs in order to play polo well.And today’s players are said to take special care of their feet.You see that war in Vietnam, obviously looked like you could throw off your legs to fight for life and death, but it is lack of so imminent a foot, seeing to the front, is not willing to give foot, straight back.According to the insiders, you don’t know, this foot is their “little bank”, is their life, their annual income of ten million, their luxury villa, their wealth of material comforts, their sustainable development, all depends on this foot.So, in their eyes, the goal matter is small, hurt the foot matter, lost to win that is everyone’s business, can hurt their feet, a lifetime can not play football, it is the end of the day gold luxury life.So on the array must have a look, can hide hide, not dead spell.In fact, there are many similarities between ancient and modern times. In the Song Dynasty, those children who only asked for enjoyment and did not care about their families and countries did not care about winning or losing wars.Those guys who know how to play polo, they end up losing their money.And today’s men’s football team only know how to enjoy life, entered the national football team in their teens, and then only know to enjoy the sky-high salary of millions and millions every year, young age to live in luxury villas, young age on the nanny.Full of warm thoughts of lust, ah, these boys on the game, what country and collective honor in the heart.These have only money but no soul of the dudes, how will die to play in the arena.According to reliable information, this time to Vietnam competition, the men’s football team members only all kinds of supplies when they returned to China fully pulled 3 trucks, the return of the chartered plane spent 2 million yuan.Before the race had even begun, Vietnamese media reported that the luggage of the 60-member team weighed eight to nine tons.All this money, shipping a bunch of losers.Compared to the Vietnam team, light Jane from, backpack on the back, then to the stadium.What a contrast.More annoying is that, on the first day of the New Year, defeated in Vietnam, a football weak country that I have never been undefeated in 62 years of war with, the whole country is very angry, a piece of scolding, most people think that these boys will blame themselves very much, will hold their heads and cry, so at least to people left a repentant pain.But these dudes did not even a little self-reproach, leaving the game, still laughing freely, still busy shopping.These images are unbearable.The conditions of the country are good and the life is superior, but if a team lacks the cultivation of the mind and the casting of the soul, it cannot stand the test and defeat its opponents.In the past, the Forbidden army of the Northern Song Dynasty was fond of leisure and hard work. As a result, it did harm to the country. In my opinion, the most important thing for today’s men’s football team is to be burned by money.Those who know nothing but enjoyment, but duty and honour, are nothing but wine-bags.Like a pewter spear head.As a matter of fact, these faults have not only been a profession in recent years, but also have been manifested in the profession of lacking thoughts and souls. Sports units like men’s football team have them, and so have literary and art units.In contrast, some film and television stars are spoiled by the industry.For example, a beautiful young actress, because the plot needs her to play the span from youth to middle age and old age.However, when the makeup artist wants to add a few wrinkles on her face and white hair on her head, she will be furious with the director, even crying, why?Because you ruined the public image of her beauty.As a result, the director is often restricted by actors, because she is a big star, the cast depends on him, dare not offend.This kind is like, already is a kind of film and television circle is like generally, do not believe, you ask those directors, that does not have a belly bitterness.You look at the current work, some people have clearly in the role of the age of 50 or 60 years old, but the screen image is still green leaves, delicate flesh, the reason is that some people can not touch the youthful image makeup division.Director, of course, some also have a question, when choosing actors non-us don’t choose, non-us need not, I call such a as a “beautiful mind” “niang gun thinking” “little fresh thinking”, this kind of thinking, greatly damage the work, whether it’s in the movie or TV series, we often can see beautiful girls sound flocks of dia dia gas, the audience like in a dream of red mansions, the grand view garden,It has become a common cultural norm for the screen to be propped up by men and women.All these phenomena originate from two words, capital.Where a capital kidnapping, the industry is not good, national football is so, other walks of life scum are so.So why do people keep talking about the fifties and sixties? To be honest, capital was not so rampant at that time, and people did not believe that capital could have such a huge power.Today, our reflection should have a deeper thinking, should think from the perspective of capital.Why do women always win and men lose?Some people say:Women’s poor, cannot play jinyuan football, large capital also despises them, athletes are paid workers, no star star, no never paid big ye, also does not have privilege bosses, women’s, although there are bureaucratic balance, dilettante meddling in the problems, but because of the low profits, oil and water is too little, unprofitable, and the negative impact is minimal.However, “marketization” and “commercialization” have not improved the fighting capacity of men’s football, but made the whole men’s football system worse, more corrupt and more snobbish.In fact, for a country of 1.4 billion people, men’s soccer is not a big deal…But if we allow the spread of Chinese men’s football thinking, it will be a very terrible and very dangerous signal!(Chen Xianyi, a famous literary critic, is a senior researcher at the Kunlun Ce Research Institute.Source: Kunlun Ce Net, transferred from “Xinjun” wechat public account, revised and published;Pictures from the Internet, deleted)

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