Sonorous rose, women’s football team won the Asian Cup champion, fans boiling, fighting spirit is too touching

The most precious thing for a team is its spiritual inheritance. Throughout the recent matches of men’s football team and women’s football team, a sharp contrast has been formed, just as song Xiaobao’s words are worthy of this result.Just after watching the live broadcast of the match, MY heart couldn’t calm down for a long time. What I watched this match was thrilling, from the heart-wrenching, Shouting and refueling in the first half to the excitement in the reverse attack in the second half, and then to tears in my eyes. This was touching, which was more mature than the impulse to smash the TV after watching the men’s football match.Suddenly remembered Li Yunlong that sentence: “dare to liangjian liangjian spirit.”In the first half, the women’s football team was 2-0 down to The South Korean team, but they did not give up and still showed their indomitable side, just like when they faced the Japanese women’s football team. From the match to overtime and then to the penalty shootout, it was a pressure on the athletes’ physical strength and heart.The longer the match lasts, the more physical energy is consumed, the more easily people get tired, and the greater is the psychological pressure, want to break the game, want to win, anxious, but the women’s football team survived.Two goals in four minutes levelled the score and then a stoppage time winner sealed the victory.Winning the Asian Cup for the first time in 16 years, which is also called the ninth Asian Cup in history, is exciting, but it is more about inheritance and faith.As that sentence you can always believe in The Chinese women’s football team, we have confidence in them, sonorous roses, the more frustrated the more brave.# Chinese Women’s Football #

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