Jinhua’s most beautiful sound drawing into the picture, this group of cloud New Year’s greetings facial expressions must be a C-position debut!

Today is the first day is your mobile phone is full screen under the outbreak of a New Year greeting the Spring Festival we advocate network cloud how little blessings reach in the network in the New Year New Year’s finger “battle” won the municipal party committee propaganda department sent a set of unique to jinhua for everybody New Year expression package come see ~ believe many netizens found this expression package model from just on the CCTV Spring Festival gala goldWuju Opera (for details, see Tonight Spring Festival Gala, Wuju is bright again!)Behind these zhejiang wu “characters” are not simple let’s look at their prototype left left left “broken bridge” xiaoqing xu xian lady bai “LinJiangHui” zhou yu “the valiant ones qiangiu suiyang” mega water pound “guan yu” the lady takes command “the lady takes command zong-bao Yang” golden monkey spring “Monkey King” GongJin robe “wu zetian dee renjie” loyalty and jiujiang “zhang sense” pick up jade bracelet “Fu Pengliu matchmaker” drunken hit the gateWuju is indeed the pride of everyone in Jinhua, and 2021 will be a year of brilliant achievements.Zhejiang has been on the New Year opera Gala, CCTV Spring Festival Gala, CCTV Spring Festival Opera Gala, CCTV Yuanxiao Opera Gala, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China “Great Journey” and other national stage, becoming the only local opera troupe to fully participate in the national highest standard performance.Lou Sheng won the 8th Chinese Drama Award and plum Blossom Performance Award (30th Chinese Drama Plum Award).The Chinese Dramatists Association calls on drama workers across the country to learn from Zhejiang.The state-owned art troupe reform of Zhejiang sample won the 2021 Zhejiang Top ten propaganda ideological and cultural work innovation projects.The fragrance of plum blossom comes from the bitter cold. Behind the brilliant achievements of Wuju, the hard work of the famous actors in these stickers is inseparable.Behind wuju’s “literary, theatrical and martial arts”, it is jinhua people’s temperament of “competing for China with two stars and daring to fight and fight”.So “tiger” “Wuju baby to pay a New Year” emojis how to get it?01 Obtaining method scan the qr code at the lower left to obtain 02 Obtaining Method 2 wechat emoticons search for “Wuju” entry 1.WeChat click on the “I” left 2. Functional area click on the “expression” left 3. Search “WuJu” come and collect them together into the expression package ~ with it, you are the Spring Festival is the most “blessing” “huani,” edit | Chen proofing | who first | NiHanXia second trial | furien final 丨 wei-dong fan

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