Kobe Bryant’s 39-year-old wife made a public appearance, dressed up as a cute new girl, and pau Gasol was selfless for her

Vanessa has rarely been seen in public since Bryant’s death, and many fans have relied on her personal social media feeds and some media coverage to keep up with her.In some important moments, we get to see Vanessa post about kobe and her second daughter, who passed away.Vanessa, who rarely makes public appearances, attended the dinner and accepted an award.The award is called “Be Your Own Champion.”Learned the dinner was a charity dinner, since the death of Bryant Vanessa inherited kobe Bryant a lot of heritage, including a charitable foundation, Vanessa this also as a career has been dedicated to pay, and Vanessa themselves created a about Bryant’s red wine brand, Vanessa is going to cause long-term development,Instead of sitting on a pile of money, Vanessa was also fiercely independent and continued her career.At the dinner, Vanessa climbed onto the big podium, with the eyes of all the people in the room, shining in the bright lights.Her modesty also came through.Unlike her previous grief at the Kobe Hall of Fame ceremony, Vanessa wore a faint smile and was not in a sentimental mood.Vanessa said the award means a lot to Kobe, and she expressed her love for her second daughter and the recognition of their work for charity.And will continue to fight for it as a family.Vanessa’s devotion and love for charity also moved everyone.Vanessa’s look today is also very different.Today it’s pink, joined right up to the ankle.Wearing a pair of pink shoes, and makeup is relatively young girls, light pink.The whole person reveals the breath of youth.It is no longer the mature charm of the past, showing the beautiful feeling of the girlhood.Her hair is getting longer and darker blonde, curled up slightly at the end to her waist.The temperament of the whole person seems to be a girl and reveal a dignified and elegant temperament, it is very special.And her formerly fat figure seemed to have disappeared, as if she had lost a little weight.In the past two years, Vanessa once accompanied the fat figure out of shape.It may be that the sad mood has too much influence on life, the diet is not balanced and the body’s work and rest time is not coordinated, resulting in body obesity.The appearance of a sweep past haze, not only on the face are bright smile, and girlish lovely, the figure is not so fat, gradually become perfect.Now 39 years old, she is still charming, this age is also a very good stage, good maintenance can not only be comparable with the little girls, and life experience can make her more charming.Vanessa was still the center of attention at the party, with many men posing for photos.Vanessa also posed for pictures with him.In such a big occasion, there is no stage fright, the whole person is gentle and dignified.Now, two years later, Vanessa still chooses to live alone with her three daughters, and has not expressed any desire to restart a relationship.And life is getting better and better.If Vanessa and Kobe’s friends get along the most, it’s pau Gasol, a former All-Star.The lakers’ former top center has often played the role of a big brother to Vanessa and a big uncle to Kobe’s daughter.Often accompany them to play together, the two families often get together.A few days ago, pau Gasol and Vanessa’s family were also posted at home playing video games, kobe Bryant’s third daughter shot a basketball, showing his talent.It is gasol’s selfless devotion that makes Vanessa’s family happy at times and shows how loving Kobe’s friend is.As fans, we can’t help but be happy that Kobe has such a good friend, because the best love is companionship.More than two years after Kobe’s death, we are happy for Vanessa as she recovers from her initial grief.After all, I’m under 40, and I still have a long way to go.

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