Military marriage: by grandpa drag to blind date, she dress up as ugly and silly, head spoil drowning a smile: like you!

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Today, I recommend 3 super good-looking novels to you, this classic one, let you have a good time!The book friend that likes this one type hurriedly collects ~ recommend to everybody today: military marriage: be dragged by grandpa go blind date, she dress up as ugly and stupid, head spoil to drown a smile: have a crush on you!Introduction: Four years ago, Yi Susu saw his first love Lin Lu perish in the sea of fire, and threw himself into the sea in despair…Four years later when she was desperate, he came to her side and gave her a fatal coddling.She fell in love, fell in love, only to discover he was a fake?One day, the real deer appeared!She was going to meet her first love, and he called to invite her. “Deer!Come on Westin, your susu sister is having a threesome!””Wu Han, I P you big ye!””You listen, she still want me big ye, want 4P?””You again nonsense, old niang castrate you!”Two years ago, my father had an accident in A seaside city thousands of miles away from MC, and was killed in his villa alone.It is said that the murder scene is very strange, the house is very cluttered, a lot of furniture was smashed and destroyed, objects scattered on the ground, no valuable clues can be found.In addition to dad’s own hair, personal fibers and fingerprints, the whole house is only the saliva and hair of the cat, and not just one.And the weirdest one is…The footprints!The police are pretty sure that at least three people, besides dad, entered the house and left footprints.But all of them were covered in cat footprints, like a ton of cats came in after the murder.In the end, the police were able to extract only half a fingerprint from the door frame of the living room, but could not find the suspect.While the police were at a loss, the murderer turned himself in three days later.Heard is a face extremely ugly teenager, because indulge in online games, no money to buy equipment on the burglary.My dad found him and stabbed him to death in an entanglement.According to the police, the half of the remaining prints were not the man’s.But he insists he accidentally stabbed my dad, then threw the weapon into the ocean.No murder weapon was found, and there’s not enough evidence to charge him.In the end, only juvenile burglary and assault charges.Unfortunately, the boy was one month short of his eighteenth birthday, so his sentence was commuted and he was sentenced to three years in prison.I was also in A city at the time of the crime, and I heard that I had just returned to China.Driving home from the bar, as if telepathically, I lost control of my car as I approached my front door.I was in a car accident, and I had a terrible concussion that took away my memory.Then I lay in the hospital for half a month. After I woke up, Chen Yan and Tian Jun told me everything.After listening to their stories, I felt nothing but sadness and anger.Why can’t the murder charge stand?Dad’s dead, AND I’m alone, and the man who did this gets three years in prison?I was not relieved. Accompanied by Tian Jun before marriage, I went to the police station in A city to inquire about it.But IN the end, I did not overturn the case, because when I saw the photo of the “murderer”, I was shocked by his ugliness, and my heart was filled with great pity.The right side of the boy’s face is very terrible, burned beyond recognition, is old wounds.Zhang, the police officer in charge of the case, said the teenager, Named Wu Han, was an orphan.When I was 15, I survived a fire, but my entire right side was burned.Since then has been wandering, begging and stealing for a living.I sympathize with his suffering, do not have the heart to entangle go on, also want to visit that young man in prison, but he refused.Before I left, I asked Officer Zhang to tell him that when Wu Han was released from prison, I wanted to pay for his plastic surgery in the hope that he could return to society and become a useful person, but he was still rejected.After RETURNING from A City, I gradually forgot about the matter, and my father’s case became an unsolved case.Now that two years have passed, will Wu han be released from prison next year?What are his plans for the future?It was Chen Yan and Tian Jun who arranged my father’s death while I was in a coma.Since then, they have become my biggest support, although they don’t like each other, they argue and quarrel when they meet.Well, there was only one time they agreed, and that was the only time I can remember them agreeing.When I woke up, I was at a loss for what my father had left behind.He is still in hospital, the company has to be taken care of, the movable and immovable property under father’s name, the lawyer urged liquidation, how to do?So I made a decision: the company to Tian Jun;Chen Yan stayed in the hospital to take care of me, helping to liquidate my father’s assets and deal with inheritance procedures with the lawyer.Chen Yan wanted to take care of the company, and Tian Jun wanted to accompany me.I was surprised, but I knew what everyone wanted.Chen Yan’s goal is to control the company, Tian Jun’s goal is to pursue me, so I think I agreed.My idea was simple: in the most difficult times, the most important thing is for us to work together and not make each other feel bad.So Chen Yan took over as acting president of the company, and Tian Jun almost followed me everywhere.When people are most vulnerable and helpless, they always try to grasp at a straw.A year later, I wanted to say yes to Tian Jun’s proposal, but Chen Yan strongly opposed it.I’m torn between my best friend and my man.Until the board of directors publicly impeached Chen Yan and promoted me.I don’t know business, and I know those old foxes want me to be a puppet.Do not want to be controlled by them, but also not good to support Chen Yan, but I had to let Tian Jun stand out.Men always have an advantage over women when it comes to controlling the situation.Tian Jun with a three inch not rotten tongue, quickly fix the board of directors a big party, then “pour field party” pressure over the “pour Chen party”.Finally, whether Tian Jun can be superior depends on the veto power in the hands of the chairman who does not know anything.Chen Yan naturally wanted me to support her, but I hesitated.In order to “stabilize the overall situation”, several uncles of the board of directors took turns to do ideological work for me, hoping that I could get married with Tian Jun, so that he could be justified and the “anti-Chen faction” would no longer ji Ji crooked.I know that the company’s factionalism stems from the fact that Chen yan’s mother is one of the shareholders, and it has long been rumored within the board that they have a plot to take over the country.Although I did not believe it, for the sake of the overall situation, I agreed to the “farmland school” suggestion and married Tian Jun.But they were also required to agree to Chen yan’s conditions, she must be tian Jun’s secretary or assistant, and property notarization before marriage.It was the biggest coup in the company after Dad died.(Click the following link to read the novel) the second: “warm wife addiction: titillate male god heart” author: Well Xiaoyuer Introduction: that year, Meng Yiyao sixteen years old, see the drillmaster of that moment, the head when the machine, become paste.In that year, gong Lei was 25 years old. He received a special assignment and became an instructor for new students. When he saw the female student, who looked like a white rabbit, he inexplicably wanted to tease her.This year, Meng Yiyao, 23 years old, graduated from university determined to become a doctor and a good wife, but found that the rival in love good intrepency.Into the pit guide: “Meng classmate, you have no matter?”When Gong Lei came in, he saw the silly little girl with a silly smile on her face. I don’t know what she was laughing at.The yi yao that is fugue, be in the heart beautiful ha silly music, hear sound good half ring just reaction come over someone to ask oneself, however when seeing person, small open mouth, dull of looking at the person in front of.Drill sergeant, he’s he’s how are you getting here?”Meng classmate, have better?”Gong Lei looked at the silly boy and tried to smile, but his face did not show. He looked like a good instructor.Good, good ah, why is she bad ah…No, Meng Yiyao, hurry up and wake up from your nymphomania…With strong will, Meng Yiyao finally woke up from the stupidness and said firmly, “Good drillmaster.”In fact, that heart, has been in the speed of running like a hundred meters.Shouting instructors to see themselves, really see themselves, not in a dream, not in their fantasy.Even though she was crying wildly, fortunately she saved herself by looking at the instructor quietly and waiting for him to open his mouth, because she was so excited that she really didn’t know what to say.Looking at her, Gong Lei almost laughed out loud again. How could the little girl be so funny? She could not hide her heart in her eyes, but her face was calm.He put the fruit in his hand next to her bed and said, “It’s hot. Eat more fruit.”Yi Yao one leng, did not expect the drillmaster to send fruit, she felt a little embarrassed to say: “Thank you drillmaster, let the drillmaster spend money.””I would have drowned if it hadn’t been for you,” Yi Yao said. Some of them wanted to scold themselves, saying so dry, and some blamed themselves for not being able to talk. Now they spoke so stiffly to the drillmaster, which was probably not cute anymore.”Small matter, you have a good rest, the day after tomorrow to train again.But you should learn to swim some time.”It was a pity to think that the little girl had nearly been drowned in her twenties.”I…No.”Whispering shameful things, could she say she was afraid of the water?She had learned swimming several times, but she could not learn it all the time. Mo Xin often scolded her for being stupid, for she had a brain like a book, but she was not diligent in other things.What? She doesn’t work very often. She’s a good cook.Gong Lei looked at the girl and wondered how she could live so long as she was always immersed in her own world.In sigh at the same time, but also feel particularly funny.He from small to big contact of the female, are strong and shrewd, never like this wench so confused pure person.”Swimming is easy to learn.”When he learned to swim, his father threw himself into the swimming pool, saying that if he did not learn to swim, he would drown. Simple and crude method, let him immediately learn.”Hey, hey.”Yi Yao giggled, all who could swim said it was simple, but…For her it’s not a little bit, it’s a million little things.Looking at her small appearance, Gong lei smiled inside again with a serious look on his face. “It’s time for training. You can stay here by yourself.Then he turned and left.Yi Yao was delighted to hear this, but she was not so stupid as to take the drill sergeant’s pleasantry seriously.When Gong reached the door, he suddenly turned around and said, “By the way, IF you want to learn how to swim, I can teach you.”Then looked at her slightly open mouth, silly looking at their own, the mood better to go, learn…Swimming lessons are available…Instructor…Get the drill sergeant.(click the following link to read the novel) the third: “head adult, beg to pass” author: ice clear introduction: be dragged by grandpa go blind, she deliberately dress up as ugly and silly, head spoil drowning smile: have a fancy to you!”Chief, I was wrong!”The panting Noe cringed and pleaded for mercy.”If you are wrong, you must correct it. It is not too late to correct it!””Don’t you have rules to treat prisoners well?””Yes, it seems that you this training is good, but on the contrary, my heart was captured by you, you shouldn’t comfort?Into the pit guide: untie tie smoked a cigarette, the mobile phone rang, is Su Jiang, Lu Chen frowned, hung up her phone for the first time.The phone screen lit up again, Su Jiang let him listen to his explanation, Lu Chen heart burning anger, the phone vigorously fell to the side.The more he thought about it, the more agitated he became. He decided to paralyze himself with his work, booked a plane ticket and returned to M city.Ke Meng was surprised to see Lu Chen in the meeting room with blue eyes. She didn’t know what happened last night, but seeing his appearance, she still couldn’t resist asking a few questions.”Are you all right?”Nothing.”Luchen did not lift his eyes.At the beginning of the meeting, Ke Meng showed the plan he had made yesterday to everyone, and of course the most important thing was to show It to Lu Chen.He proposed that the flower field be turned into an ecological resort, and that the former flower growers be hired and allowed to continue living there.After all, ke meng’s idea is really a bit superfluous for their project.A few claps of applause rang out, and Lu Chen smiled. He put down his hand and looked at Ke Meng, who was a little nervous. (Click the following link to read the novel)In the comments area below the end of the article, xiaobi can see oh, looking forward to your message ~ past period of wonderful content review: “Black cousin is too terrible”, black villain cousin VS evil female cousin, 9.8 strong push “Reduced to the end of the world heartbroken” he sent troops to save the concubine, princess left alone in the enemy camp, she laughed crazy military marriage:”Battle ye chase his wife every night hold up” war nine Lord covet Bai Jingyan eight years, use tactics to knock down the ancient words: “Flower spring warm” she reborn into a beautiful girl, to fight the best, but also hold a small bamboo horse now words: “you are the world’s sparks” began to have much abuse, when chasing his wife, the crematorium has much far

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