What is green vegetable planting time and method?What are the precautions for growing green vegetables?

The best time to plant vegetables is in September every year, when planting can meet the growth temperature demand of vegetables.The specific planting method is as follows: 1, do a good job of accelerating bud, with a clear blister to the white.2. Choose fertile, loose and porous soil.Sow white seeds.Green vegetables belong to the shade does not like the sun crops, the perception of external temperature will be very sensitive.In spring and summer, the temperature is relatively high, which is not suitable for planting green vegetables.First of all, we need to do a good job of bud processing.In order to improve the survival rate of seeds, it is necessary to accelerate the germination of seeds in advance.Place the seeds in clear water and let stand for 2-3 days until the seeds turn white.Secondly, because green vegetables like to grow in fertile and loose porous soil, in order to provide a good soil environment for the growth of green vegetables, the soil can be renovated before planting to ensure soil permeability, but also need to do a good job of fertilization, so as to improve the soil fertility.Finally, seedlings were planted.When planting vegetables, white seeds can be planted directly in the ground. After about a week, the seeds will germinate and grow young plants.What are the precautions for growing green vegetables?After the growth of green vegetables seedlings, seedlings need to be thinly treated, through this operation can avoid the occurrence of too dense seedling growth, because too dense seedlings will affect the growth.

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