Wild pigs can’t eat chaff, and even 80 roasted ducks can’t stop the Korean team from making fun of Chinese food

Wild pigs can’t eat chaff, and even 80 roasted ducks can’t stop the Korean team from making fun of Chinese food.With the Beijing Winter Olympics underway, many netizens are wondering what athletes eat every day.As the Olympic village meals exposure, many netizens have envy of mouth water, athletes from all over the world are in their own social account of the various food photos, but also praised Chinese cuisine was so delicious, a few big cuisines do not weigh appearance, ensure that beautiful and also not lack of nutrition, delicious good to fat even straight quart games village food ten catties.All said that our Chinese hospitality, is to let all guests can feel at home, and we did, we have to do their best to entertain guests from afar, but also suffered the South Korean team “malicious” smears, publicly ridicule our Chinese dinner.To know that through the ages the most hated than do not know the etiquette of the “distant relatives”, the arrival of the Korean team is really let a person a little “dross”, xiaobian like weakly asked a, The Korean team don’t want to “human”?In the words of Internet users, it is true that wild pigs can’t eat fine bran, eat too much pickles, and find the delicious food in the world tasteless. A small country with a small population is no better than this, and should not be able to enjoy great happiness.Athletes from all over the world spoke highly of our Chinese food, but the Korean delegation was the only one who “belittered” our food. Many people raised their opinions and we would certainly change it. But if everyone said yes, only you said no, then you have to find the reason yourself.Reporters have gone to the Olympic village visit, in the winter Olympic village menu, clearly see the restaurant not only provide Chinese food table, to consider all tastes different.We also set up Asian tables and American fast food like Pizza Hut and KFC, and even 24-hour tables so that athletes can get something to eat when they get up in the middle of the night.Olympic officials also revealed that the Beijing Winter Olympics menu, approved by the International Olympic Committee, has 678 dishes, which are rotated every eight days to keep the athletes from getting bored.Among them, our traditional Chinese food dumplings and Roast duck are the most popular. Not only Chinese girls like to eat malatang, but also foreign friends can’t escape the temptation.Even the winter Olympic village peak day to eat more than 100 kilograms of dumplings, lunch consumed more than 80 roast duck, across the screen of the netizens saliva flowed out, The South Korean team is still talking, xiaobi feel that the South Korean team is a little bit unappreciative.Smear of south Korean delegation, not only make people angry, just a series medium also see not bottom go to, they think Chinese food is very delicious, even tracked in addition to the south Korean delegation, said other countries don’t have any dissatisfaction, Japanese Internet users see this story also think athletes “no” etiquette “just know that said” bad “.Seeing that Japanese netizens are so sensible, Chinese netizens directly call: China-japan friendship is South Korea.Japanese netizens also said that if the Japanese athletes are not satisfied with the food, we choose to communicate, since they choose to participate in the competition, the most basic etiquette and etiquette is very important.So, what do you have to say about the Korean players making fun of our bad food?You can leave a comment in the comments section and wait for you to see the next exciting content.

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