Main flow direction of bellows globe valve installation pipe

1. Similarly, generally speaking, more than the nominal size DN150mm need low access, use the nominal size DN200MM need high in and low out, use the nominal size DN200MM, in order to save the force when opening, need to attach the external bypass valve, roughly specify the internal bypass valve layout.2, up and down the bellows globe valve packing seal is under full pressure, up and down the stop valve is only under pressure on the sealing surface, corresponding to the large-caliber globe valve, up and down at the same time the pipeline high pressure, the valve diameter must be thick, if fine, the top of the valve will bend chaos.The opening torque of the access switch is large, but the closing torque is small.3, the ancient town of low yield of special reasons (1) when the compression side for the high pressure valve, need high pressure low (2) on the bypass, series connection two cut-off valve, reverse installation shall be equal to the second cut-off valve (3) steam boiler exhaust valve (4) speed electromagnetic valve 4, at present, Yang, daegu caliber valve is according to the wind speed fluctuation type,Double valves (balance valves) are usually planned, and there are two kinds of double valve targets.One is to prevent excessive differential pressure when the bellows globe valve is opened or closed.The other is to take into account the stiffness of the valve, high inlet and low outlet have a clear impact on the valve, generally large diameter globe valve is not planned for double valve, pressure medium is difficult.

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