The Seven Laws worship the New Year (Eight poems)

Tian Mingshan (Shanxi) Spring approaching New Year’s Eve hard to sleep, how can stay up late to miss the New Year.First fill the couplets with the word “fu”, and then gong happy zhujunxian.Small screen spread thousands of miles of good language, surplus wine three cups lead.Peaceful mo forget The Times, red envelope pressure is also immortal.Happy New Year (new rhyme) [new] year old spring should be made open, [year] cooking goods tiger Yin.[quick] will unite to divide the old fu, [le] auspicious chuai into my heart.Tiger auspicious (new rhyme) [tiger] jump Male gas in China, [years] yuan yuan to enjoy their leisure.[auspicious] Every Yin carries the lucky star to, [auspicious] with your New Year.Nonyl Yin year on the first day, oblique Nonyl Yin wen/Wan Xiwen Spring Festival (Qingdao) oxtail plough fruit storage, tiger roar YueZhenChun fang.Hospital magpie deng Mei smile, the door posted a new peach na Fu zhang.Genealogy of the branches of Thought Jude, descendants yao Di Wang parents.Dumplings fresh New Year’s Eve family together, morning dawn riotous New Year’s busy.The Taurus harvest was loaded with baskets and the cabin was filled with poems and songs.The world scenery is unique this good, kyushu rising ping yao East.Scientific and technological innovation thousands of miles, grain fengdeng beaming ocean.Hundreds of millions of Chinese people are working together to build a Chinese dream.New Year’s Eve lyrics (two)/Wei Enxiang (Guangxi) an old hidden, New Year’s Eve congratulations.Starlight avenue, sunset and moonlight.Love everywhere, love overflow all over.Popular thousands of miles, romantic dance universe.Two New Year’s Eve, everywhere rose stage.Prosperity is everywhere, wealth is everywhere.Fireworks burn clouds, Yin landscape into my heart.Honey meaning, old dream shadow penglai.Two poems/Xiao Yan (Jiangxi) one, Sanqing Mountain, Sanqing Buddhism.Qifeng GUI Shi Li, ancient trees yan Hua hao.The waterfall springs, clouds and sea waves.Deep scenery beauty, in vain in fairy high.Bird’s Nest, Beijing First Olympic Games, national Stadium for Sports.Chinese and foreign integration, city group construction busy.One hundred thousand people face, the bird’s nest.Cost double ten billion, disaster prevention and fire resistance.Editor: Li Xun-xiu editorial Department of Qingyanwei Literature

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