Cheng Jiaying and Chen Kai Lin pretend to travel, shoot mandarin videos to please the audience, and actively explore the mainland market

What is the experience of the post-90s generation marrying the post-60s generation?Many people think that the age gap is too big a generation gap, but Zheng Jiaying Chen Kailin and his wife, but with practical action to prove the magic of love.Since giving birth to two baby sons, 31-year-old Chen kailin has rarely performed in front of the screen. She has turned to the KOL industry and actively runs social platforms.Recently, she uploaded a short video in a book, she turned to her husband Zheng Jiaying to shoot a watch advertisement together.She gets more creative and uses the green screen to travel to different places.”I believe many people wish to travel as soon as possible,” the couple said in plastic Mandarin. “My family is no exception. As a multi-functional wife, of course, she will do whatever she wants.In the video, Kailin Chen first asks her husband what he wants for the New Year. Zheng says he wants to go on a trip.They respectively went to Switzerland, Paris and Hainan Island, Chen Kailin and Zheng Jiaying first put on down, one second to enjoy the snow in Switzerland, the next second put on evening clothes, under the Paris iron tower to watch the night scene.Finally, they went to Hainan island to feel the sun and the beach, although the whole journey to rely on imagination to pretend to be traveling, but Chen Kailin and “emperor” husband Zheng Jiaying are the same hand in full play.Zheng Jiaying not only looked at his wife with a face of indulgence, but also touched Chen Kailin’s head, and their interaction was very sweet.Netizens left comments praising the advertisement for being creative and sweet, adding that they couldn’t believe That Zheng jiaying would play with his wife. Even though his age difference is more than 20 years, there is still no generation gap, and he is indeed the 24th filial husband.”Jia Yingge’s Mandarin is not as good as his wife’s,” another netizen said. “He looks like a doting husband.””Both of you are smiling so sweetly. It’s not annoying. I support you.”After filming TVB drama “Frozen” in 2015, Cheng and Chen began to love each other. They got married in 2018 and have two sons, Rafael and Yannick.Both sons inherited their parents’ good genes and were very handsome.Cheng has also stayed in Hong Kong for the past two years to spend more time with her family.He also often shares his daily photos of parenting and family fun.Zheng Jiaying was born in August 1969 in San Francisco, California, USA. She has been struggling in the entertainment industry since the 1990s and is TVB’s TV emperor for two times.Chen is 22 years younger than Cheng. Apart from winning Miss Hong Kong 2013, she is also the daughter of a rich second generation.Her father was a successful investor, early in the oil business, and the family was worth over $100 million when she was young.Kailin Chen has been living comfortably in a big house in Kowloon Tong. She is so young and beautiful that the media described Her as a treasure when she married. Even Kailin Chen’s father joked that his daughter had lost money by marrying Kailin Cheng.In an earlier interview with TVB’s Entertainment News channel, Cheng said that he decided to stay in Hong Kong to avoid being quarantined between the mainland and Hong Kong due to the impact of the epidemic in recent years.The greatest happiness in life comes from a decrease in income.He said, “I made less money in these two years, because I didn’t go to the mainland for two years. But I was the happiest in my life, so I gained and lost.”And he and Chen Kailin also shared the family of four warm photos from time to time, very loving.It’s enviable to see a family of four working together on a social media platform, striving to achieve personal value even after they’ve achieved financial freedom.Let’s hope the 22-year age difference stays that way.

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